Entrepbuff.com featuring Vince from WhenInManila.com

“Opportunities are right in front of you… It’s up to you to pick them up!”


If you guys haven’t checked out Entrepbuff.com, it’s an AWESOME video blog that highlights entrepreneurs who are starting to flex their muscles and show the world their new buff…. Ok, not sure if I have the right play of words there…

But yes, Entrepbuff meets and interviews one successful entrepreneur every week. They have a very inspiring show and I often find great speakers with even greater advice here. Which, of course, makes me wonder why they had me on…

Anywayz, thanks to Ken, Alvin and Ed for having me on! I’m a big fan of Entrepbuff, so looking forward to more of their shows – https://www.Entrepbuff.com

EntrepBuff week by week Entrepbuff.com with Vince Golangco of Whe n In Manila Oct  5 2009

Here’s a link to my episode with them – Vince Golangco on Entrepbuff

Oh, and the quote I mention on the show is: “The greater danger for most of us, is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it” ~Michelangelo