ENTERTAINMENT: Kiray Celis Admits that She’s Dating a Non-Showbiz Businessman

Comedienne Kiray Celis has admitted that she is now dating a non-showbiz businessman, completely denying rumors that she and commercial model Kirst Viray was ever in a relationship.

In her latest interview with PEP, Celis said that she is now happy with her current boyfriend whom she described as a 21-year-old, 5’11” non-showbiz businessman who owns a restaurant. She also revealed that she had known him for three years and they’d been together for about five months now.

The young comedienne didn’t mention the name of the restaurant, but she has posted photos and clips of her visiting a takeout restaurant called Sinangag Club, which could possibly be her boyfriend’s business, on Instagram. We cannot confirm this, however, as she pointed out in the interview that she is not promoting her boyfriend’s restaurant.

Check out the photos and clips below:

The 22-year-old comedienne is set to appear in the upcoming Valentine’s movie ‘My Fairy Tail Love Story’ by Regal Films, starring Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador.

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