LOOK: Kiray Celis Shares Adorable Photos Of Her Dream Spongebob Bedroom!

A house you can call your own is possibly one of the dreams that most of us have had in our childhood, especially if it comes with dreams of decorating our own rooms with exactly what we want. And sometimes, even celebrities have dreams like that.

Actress Kiray Celis, for example, shared about her childhood where she just wanted to earn enough money to be able to pay rent for her family. Of course, now that she’s a star, she doesn’t just have enough money to pay rent but to buy her own house as well!

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In a Facebook post, she shares about her dream of having her own room which would be Spongebob-themed. Now, that dream has apparently become a reality.

Kiray shares pictures of her room that is literally filled with all things Spongebob Squarepants! Take a look at some of the photos:

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.27.41 AMPhoto from Kiray Celis

Kiray Celis Spongebob RoomPhoto from Kiray Celis

Kiray Celis Spongebob RoomPhoto from Kiray Celis

In the post, she also thanked some of the people that helped her make this dream come true, such as Ogie Alcasid and Maricel Soriano.

We can definitely see how happy Kiray is for this. So, you go, girl! Congratulations on your Spongebob Room!

Check out more photos here!

What do you think of Kiray’s themed bedroom? What would you like your bedroom’s theme to be? Share it with us!