ENTERTAINMENT: Highlights of Saving Sally’s AMA on r/Philippines

“Saving Sally” is one of the eight films that battled it out on the recent Metro Manila Film Festival.

It is a unique film that combined live action and animation.

Last December 30, the team behind “Saving Sally” did an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on the Philippines local subreddit, r/Philippines.


Here are some of the highlights during their AMA.

On Choosing New Lead:


How did you choose your lead actors and find your 2nd Sally (Rhian Ramos)? IIRC, Anna Larrucea was the original Sally.

From Saving Sally team


We found them all through open auditions… you can check this video out which talks about the process https://www.facebook.com/SavingSallyFilm/videos/1489703411047481/

On Memorable Parts of the Project


What was the most memorable part or event that happened during the course of shooting the film?

From Saving Sally team


i can only speak for myself, i’m sure this question is relative to each person… it was when we were doing a technical run in a cinema when i saw the film in big screen the first time

you worked with it so many times you get numbed about the details, but when i saw it first time on the big screen? i felt like i was looking at a new born baby while trying to hold back my tears as much as i can


As one of the concept artists for the film, it was probably seeing our drawings brought to life by the props and set production teams. They built everything according to every detail we’ve drawn; it was amazing. We also pigged out on fresh sashimi on the last day of shooting and Rhian gave me a beso. Lol


So many things happened over a decade… shooting… I guess the second time we shot it back in 2010, my prod manager asked me to give a speech & at that time it had already been 5 years since we shot the first time around, I had never felt that kind of happy/sad feeling ever. I was thinking “this it, we are finally going to finish this movie!” Of course it took another 6 years after that XD


There were two separate days during filming that actual streetfood (isaw, fishball, squidballs, et al) were brought in. And we snacked on them during breaks. XD

On Why It’s in English


Read somewhere that the reason the film was in English was that the original plan was to release it for free in the internet. will you still do this?

From Saving Sally team


For international release yes, this was the original plan, but when other producers came in and contracts were being signed… at this point, releasing it online would be a breach and we’ll be sued, we don’t want that XD


Someday. We are actually in talks with different companies now, but we need to survive being in theatres first.

On Bob Ong Creating the “Makata Subs”


Sayang now lang ako naka-online. Napanood ko rin po yung pelikula, at nung una may Scott Pilgrim feels nga, pero I realized na 2006 pa or earlier nagsimula ang paggawa sa SS. Kung makakahabol, ito po ang tanong:

Totoo po bang si Bob Ong ang gumawa ng “makata subs” sa The Girl and The World? Nakita n’yo na po ba ng personal si Bob Ong? Kamusta po siya sa personal?

From Saving Sally team


Bob Ong did not just do the makata subs for The Girl and the World, he did the film’s entire tagalog subtitle in just ONE DAY!!! Unfortunately, it didn’t make it to the final because we were pressed by MMFF timetable

We didn’t see him either, everything was done online

On the OST


Tell us more about the ost. Ganda grabe!

From Saving Sally team


we haven’t worked on the OST actually but we encourage you guys to support the local artist who did bulk of the soundtrack, here’s his link https://open.spotify.com/album/5SDEUyucOTe88eybDmY56S


Main score was written by Pablo Pico, a french composer https://pablopico.com/ with additional music as well as the theme song by Hannah + Gabbi  https://www.facebook.com/hannahgabimusic/?fref=ts, Diego Mapa (Pedicab, Tarsius), Acel Van Ommen (formerly of Moonstar 88) & GBX (which is the band of one of our lead visual artists)

On Saving Sally Part 2


What would a hypothetical “Saving Sally 2” be about?

From Saving Sally team


Saving Sally 2: Revenge of the Dick

On Future Projects


Any future projects? The animation is kickass.

From Saving Sally team


We are working on a teleserye style over the top drama told with animals 🙂

On Pichi-Pichi


Ito yung pinaka-importanteng question dito sa r/ph:

Pichi-pichi with cheese o pichi-pichi with niyog?

From Saving Sally team


Pichi-pichi with niyog to be honest



To read more about their AMA, you can check it out on r/Philippines.

Have you watched Saving Sally? Thoughts?

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