Enjoy a Filipino food fiesta at this buffet in La Union!

There’s no doubt that Filipinos love celebrations. We can find even the simplest things to celebrate. And this goes on to imply the common understanding that Filipinos love to eat. We Pinoys know how to enjoy a food fiesta!

If ever you’re in La Union looking for a legit food festival, we’ve found the food spot that celebrates Filipino food in the best way. Probinsyano Buffet is a restaurant nestled in San Fernando, La Union that offers limitless Pinoy food.

probnsyano buffet 1

Probinsyano Buffet is a pretty straight-forward restaurant. It’s an eat-all-you-can food spot that highlights classic Filipino dishes, snacks, and desserts. Walking inside the restaurant, you will be met by a life-size replica of the traditional public jeepney. You can’t take a ride on it, but it does offer you a delicious food trip with the classic kakanin displayed on it.

probnsyano buffet 12

Taking a couple more steps into the hall, you’d probably feel the change in atmosphere. The ceiling is decorated with banderitas (and during the holidays, the parol), and some portions of the walls look like the old traditional houses you’ll see in the provinces.

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probnsyano buffet 2

The decor and interior of the food hall can instantly make you feel like you’re in a piyesta. But it’s really the food that will make you celebrate.

probnsyano buffet 3

Probinsyano Buffet offers a wide variety of your favorite Pinoy dishes. There are meat dishes such as inihaw na liempo, caldereta, and lechon manok. On some days, the classic chicken feet is also part of the menu.

probnsyano buffet 8

probnsyano buffet 10

For a country surrounded by bodies of water, a number of seafood dishes are also available such as kinilaw, tahong, and grilled fish.

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And being situated in the Ilocos region, where people love vegetables, there’s a whole section dedicated to vegetables cooked the Pinoy way.

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One couldn’t forget about dessert! There are a make-your-own halo-halo station and a wide variety of kakanin.

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It’s amazing how food can really bring people together. Eating at Probinsyano shows you just how that’s true. Long tables would be full of people, food, and laughter.

At an affordable rate of PHP 299, you can enjoy your favorite Pinoy dishes as much as you want! Probinsyano Buffet is truly one food fiesta worth experiencing when you’re in La Union.

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Probinsyano Buffet

2nd Floor, G World BLDG. Sevilla, San Fernando City, La Union
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