Energy Saving Tips to Keep Your Meralco Bills Low

Energy saving tips to keep your Meralco bills low

When in Manila and there’s only a few weeks before Christmas, the need to tighten your belt becomes even more important now that there’s a looming power hike.

Meralco announced that up to P2.50 can be added per kilowatt hour. This means those consuming 200 kilowatt hours per month will pay an additional P500 on electricity this month. That’s a lot. P500 can go a long way in making your inaanaks happy on Christmas Day. Better yet, you can use that to sponsor one family’s Noche Buena.

energy saving tips - electric bill


The power hike is caused by the shutting down of Malampaya and other power plants that supply electricity to Metro Manila. Because of that, Meralco has too use liquid fuel, which is more expensive, instead of natural gas to produce power.

While we can’t do anything about the power hike, we can practice these energy saving tips to keep bills low.

Energy saving tips for the holidays

Unplug appliances that are not in use. Just because they’re turned off doesn’t mean they don’t consume energy.  


energy saving tips - Unplug appliances


Switch to LED Christmas lights because they consume 90% less energy. Look for fiber optic decorations—they only use a single light bulb.


energy saving tips - LED Christmas Lights

Turn off the lights when you leave a room…


energy saving tips - turn off lights 

…better yet, leave only the Christmas tree lit.


energy saving tips - Christmas tree

You can also light candles all over the house. Just be careful not to leave them lit when you sleep.


energy saving tips - candles