Energy Saving Tips to Keep Your Meralco Bills Low

Energy saving tips for regular days

Open curtains during the day to let sunlight in so you don’t need to turn on the lights.


energy saving tips -open windows to let light in


Or keep them drawn to to make the room cooler sans the aircon.


energy saving tips - close curtains to cool the room


You can also open windows to let the breeze in.


energy saving tips - open windows to let breeze in


Get rid of incandescent bulbs and replace them with compact fluorescent light bulbs which are more energy efficient…


energy saving tips - cfl bulb


… but make sure to clean them regularly to increase output and keep Mom happy.


energy saving tips - dirty bulb


Clean air conditioning units regularly. Dirty aircon filters obstruct airflow, which means there’s more energy consumed.


energy saving tips - aircon


Landscape. This will give you a prettier garden and a cooler home. Shades from trees will minimize the need for turning on the aircon.


energy saving tips - landscape your garden


Don’t step away until you’re sure that the refrigerator is sealed shut.


energy saving tips - seal fridge shut


Organize food inside your fridge so that air flows more efficiently.


energy saving tips - organized fridge

Chest freezers hold cold air inside better so if you’ve got a big family, this might be good to have.


energy saving tips - chest freezer


Use microwave ovens more frequently because they’re the most energy efficient.


energy saving tips - microwave

Toast bread on a toaster, not on a grill.


energy saving tips - Toaster

It’s advisable to minimize the use of your traditional oven, but if you need to use it, follow these tips:

Cook food in batches.


energy saving tips - batch cooking 

Slash cooking time in half by thawing or defrosting food hours before cooking…


energy saving tips - defrost meat

…and by cutting food in smaller pieces.


energy saving tips - cut meat into small pieces

Use ceramics or glass because they minimize the temperature needed for cooking.


energy saving tips - ceramic cooking pot

Avoid opening the oven because it loses heat and will need more energy to raise the temperature.


energy saving tips - open oven


Boil only the water you need.


energy saving tips - boil water


Run a full load when washing clothes. The machine uses the same amount of energy for a full or half load.


energy saving tips - wash full loads 

If you have a separate dryer, save on energy by drying them in the sun…


energy saving tips - dry clothes in the sun


…and don’t wring clothes; hang while still dripping so they’re less wrinkled when they dry.

Use fabric softeners so clothes are less crumpled when they dry.


energy saving tips - use fabric softener

Iron clothes in batches.


energy saving tips - iron clothes in batches


Put aluminum foil over the board. This will reflect heat back to the clothes, so you don’t need to turn them inside out for another round of ironing.

Organize your kitchen. Don’t put cold and hot appliances together. The fridge shouldn’t be next to the oven because it’ll use up more energy to maintain the right temperature.


energy saving tips - kitchen layout 

Skip the dishwasher and wash dishes by hand.


energy saving tips - wash dishes by hand


When in Manila and you’re scared of huge electric bills, adopt these energy saving tips. Implementing these won’t just save you money; these will also serve as your contribution to protecting the planet. 



Energy saving tips to keep your Meralco bills low