Empowering Women Through Beauty: A SkinHouse Commitment

SkinHouse Laser and Ultherapy spent an afternoon of socials to celebrate years of partnership between both brands who believe in enabling women to become the best version of themselves.

Ultherapy® Stands the Test of Time

Ultherapy®, by Merz Aesthetics, believes that every woman should be fueled by her own confidence. Offered at the SkinHouse Laser clinics for the past five (5) years (since March 2018), the gold standard in nonsurgical lifting and skin tightening treatments has been a favorite treatment of many SkinHouse patients.

Ultherapy® the gold standard in nonsurgical lifting and skin tightening treatments offered at SkinHouse.

Ultherapy® the gold standard in nonsurgical lifting and skin tightening treatments, offered at SkinHouse.

Dr. Kariza  De Vera shares that she recommends Ultherapy® to her patients of varied ages because it is a treatment that benefits most – may it be for  30’s, 40’s or even 50’s. She attests to the efficacy of the treatments and reminds her patients that the treatment is a worthy investment. “Ultherapy’s benefits outweigh most treatments that promise instant results. While you see very minimal results right after treatment, the skin lift and tightening benefits really begin to show 3 months onwards.”

SkinHouse: Empowering Every Individual

SkinHouse Laser was co-founded by Joanne Yu back in 2011.  Yu, strongly believes in providing affordable and high-quality aesthetic treatment for everyone. With that in mind, the clinic started with dermatologic and laser procedures, using only the best machines in the market. As demand increased over time, SkinHouse’s offerings continually evolved, expanding to two (2) more clinics and becoming one of the leading certified authentic Ultherapy® clinics in the country.

SkinHouse values their patients and their feedback which proved to be valuable insights as they continue to innovate on their offerings. An example of this would be their offering of Jawtox, alongside Ultherapy® – using Merz pure anti-wrinkle injections.

Understanding the Confidence to Be

SkinHouse Laser recognizes the impact that aesthetic treatments can have on their patients’ everyday perception of themselves. By offering treatments that promote confidence and self-improvement, SkinHouse aims to ensure that every patient receives the best quality care at an affordable price.

Ms. Joanne Yu with SkinHouse brand ambassador Ashley Colet

Ms. Joanne Yu with SkinHouse brand ambassador, Ashley Colet

With a diverse range of treatments available, the clinic is committed to creating personalized and tailored plans that are specifically designed to meet the needs and goals of each patient.  Ultimately, SkinHouse Laser strives to help their patients achieve their aesthetic goals and be beautifully empowered one woman (or man) at a time.

Learn more about SkinHouse Laser and book your next appointment for Ultherapy® and other treatments at www.theskinhousebeauty.com or visit @skinhouselaser on Facebook and Instagram. SkinHouse Laser clinics are located in Quezon City, Pasig City and in BGC.

For more information on Ultherapy®, visit ultherapy-asia.com or follow UltherapyPH on Facebook and Instagram.