‘Emily in Paris’ Allows Us to Travel Through Our Screens

There are many reasons why we love ‘Emily in Paris’. (Read our article on 5 things Lily Collins and Darren Star want you to take away from the show here.) During a recent online interview with the lead star, Lily Collins, she gave us several reasons why we should watch the show, especially during the pandemic.

It allows us to travel through our screens.

Lily Collins Emily in Paris Netflix 2


With the current pandemic still ongoing, none of us are able to travel the way we used to or the way we want to. Lily points out that there’s this wish fulfillment of travel in the show. “This show allows us to do that through our screens,” she says.

The fashion is amazing.

Emily in Paris 1

Lily also points out that the fashion in ‘Emily in Paris’ is fun to look at. “It brings a smile and it’s super bright and fun,” she gushes. (Check out 14 of Lily Collin’s outfits in ‘Emily in Paris’ that we loved here.)

Emily is a role model.

Emily in Paris 11

I am actually not a fan of romantic comedies or anything similar to the sort, but I found myself hooked on ‘Emily in Paris’ – partly because of the scenery, partly because of the fashion, but also because Emily is someone I can look up to.

Lily seconds the motion. “Emily’s optimism and sense of passion and determination and willingness to overcome obstacles is really important to see right now as a character,” she says, especially during these trying times.

It’s a fun show.

Emily in Paris 9

Lily points out that there are a lot of smiles and laughs to be had from watching ‘Emily in Paris’, which is also an important factor to have during such bleak times when we need it the most. Right now, curveballs are sent our way in so many different ways and we have been dealing with the unknown – similarly to Emily in the show. “She has her ups and downs, but is ultimately able to get through them, and that’s really inspiring,” says Lily.

What was your favorite thing about ‘Emily in Paris’?

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