14 of Lily Collin’s Outfits that We Loved in ‘Emily in Paris’

As in ‘Sex and the City’, fashion plays a huge part in ‘Emily in Paris’. This really isn’t surprising seeing as how creator Darren Star has once again teamed up with costume designers Patricia Field and Marylin Fitoussi for the new Netflix show.

Patricia shares that she was actually introduced to Darren by Sarah Jessica Parker. They had made the pilot of ‘Sex and the City’ and weren’t happy with the wardrobe. Sarah Jessica then told Darren to meet Patricia, who gushes that it has been a love affair ever since. In fact, Patricia says that she “never” turns down working with Darren – and we’re glad about that because ‘Emily in Paris’ is yet another fashionista’s dream come true.

Here are 14 of our favorite outfits that Lily Collins wore as Emily in ‘Emily in Paris’:

14 of Lily Collin’s Outfits that We Loved in ‘Emily in Paris’


Definitely something we could wear right here in Manila!

Print on print done right on her first day at Savoir.

(Eiffel Tower Shirt: Alice + Olivia, Cropped Top: Re Done, and Low Boots: Louboutin)

Patricia shares that Paris is a fashion dream, and that she thinks that women who love fashion can feel that in the city. “I took a lot of inspiration from the 1951 movie ‘An American in Paris’,” she reveals. “The fashion, the women, the love of the city, the positivity of the time period.”

Just one of the pretty floral outfits Lily wore as Emily.

Even in yellow rainboots, Emily looked perfectly put together.

Patricia says she thinks that her signature in costume design is her optimism — the colors, the daring outfits, and the idea that women everywhere can go into their closet and reimagine and remix what’s hanging there in ways they’ve never thought of before.

“For me, ‘normcore’ is a curse word,” she adds. It’s all about bringing individualism and self-confidence to women. “You don’t need to have designer clothes to mix things up,” she reminds us.

We love how she mixes and matches everything.

Emily’s opera look is perfection!

(Dress: Christian Siriano, Gloves: Agnelle, Fur and Purse: Vintage, Head Jewels: La Compagnie du Costume, Shoes: Cosmoparis)

Patricia points out that Lily’s a dead ringer for Audrey Hepburn. “She also has that same positive, innocent attitude,” she adds, sharing that the outfit Emily wears to the opera in Episode 6 is actually channeling Audrey in ‘Funny Face’. Patricia gushes: “It all came together so naturally, and when I saw Lily in that costume, I was like, ‘Audrey Hepburn is here.'”


The most iconic dress in the show, in my opinion!

Fun fact: during a recent Zoom interview we had with Lily, she shared that Stephane Rolland, the designer of the couture dress, actually sent her this iconic dress as a gift after filming, and Lily was beyond ecstatic as it was her favorite dress on the show.

I want all of her boots!!!

More floral dress prettiness.

Marylin also gushes about Lily, saying that working with her was pure bliss. “She is the most educated, polite and patient person you can ever meet and was very open-minded – she trusts and respects your work 100%.” Marylin also explained to Lily that she wanted to avoid fast-fashion and utilize secondhand clothes and eco-responsible fashion, which Lily was very supportive of.

An outfit that any one of us can wear any day.

Absolutely stunning!

Marylin points out that Emily’s character came to Paris with her own style and didn’t let the city completely transform her. “We didn’t want to have a before-and-after Emily like Anne Hathaway in ‘The Devil wears Prada’,” she stresses. While her style may have evolved in Paris, it was very subtle.

“Now, she knows and understands the French fashion rules, but she still succeeded in mixing them with her own style.” Marylin shares that she used her own experience of being a foreigner living in different countries and how she caught the essence of their fashion identity and to adapt it to her own style.

I swear she looks good in practically any color.


Every woman needs a black cocktail dress in her life.

(Strapless Black Top: Alexandre Vauthier, Sandals: Louboutin, Purse: Vintage)

Which of Lily Collins’ outfits did you love the most in ‘Emily in Paris’? 🙂

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