Ely Buendia, Aegis Relive OPM Classics During Manny Pangilinan’s Birthday Concert


It was a night to remember for all the 90’s kids, especially those who were born during the prime of “Halik” and “Ang Huling El Bimbo,” as Ely Buendia and Aegis highlight Manny Pangilinan’s birthday concert at the Araneta Coliseum via Smart Music Live.

Fans who have been clamoring for another Eraserheads reunion got something so undeniably close as Ely Buendia sang almost an album’s worth of songs during the concert. Ely performed the band’s hits such as “Alapaap,” “Huwag Mo Na Itanong,” “Magasin,” “With A Smile,” and “Ligaya” among others. His final song, “Huling El Bimbo,” even got the crowd to stand up from their seats and sing-along with the 45-year-old musician.


Aegis, whose songs are also being used in the hit Philippine musical “Rak of Aegis,” also got the crowd singing “Luha,” “Halik,” and “Basang Basa sa Ulan,” loud enough for them to say “Sige, kayo na lang kumanta, sasayaw na lang kami.” [Rough translation: You guys can sing the song, we’ll just dance on stage.] And they did dance, while still slaying every note of their songs!


Another OPM artist, Up Dharma Down, even asked the crowd during their time on stage if they would watch them again if ever they hold a solo concert in Araneta. The crowd, of course, answered “Yes!” But lead singer Armi Millare humbly said that she was only kidding. (We do hope they’ll pursue this, though!)

The band then sang their hits “Oo,” “Indak,” and (my personal favorite) “Tadhana.” Armi also asked the crowd if they could turn on their cellphone’s flashlight during one of their songs, and the sight was simply majestic, most especially because you could tell how thankful Armi is for the crowd’s reception.


The only foreign artist that night, Nathan Sykes, got young girls screaming when he entered the stage with a mug. The 23-year-old took a sip of water before performing “Kiss Me Quick” and “Almost is Never Enough.” The English singer-songwriter then played the piano for his song “Over and Over Again.”

It was one long night, but it was definitely worth it. The concert was simply amazing, and very nostalgic. It gives you the “feels” you’ve been holding back on for so long. Smart Music Live’s ultimate trip back to your childhood with OPM legends performing on stage, and then back to the present again thanks to the fresh talents who showcased their music that night. This one’s for the books, for sure!