Missing the 90’s: A Pretty Nostalgic Post About the Good ‘ol Days

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When in Manila, I wish we had “Bring back the 90’s!” day. Seriously, I risk sounding like a sentimental fart, but I was going through some of my old pictures and good grief !

I couldn’t help but reminisce how simple but incredibly happy life was back then! Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy now, but sometimes, you just want to go back to your childhood. Live life without the stress and worries that you have today. Here are a few things that I seriously miss about the 90’s:

1. Most, if not all of your arguments were settled by “Rocks, scissors, paper” or more commonly known as “Bato, bato, pik!” And when you were secretly pissed off at someone but didn’t want them to know, you’d play “Ketchup” with them and slap their hand REALLY REALLY hard :))

2. Playing “snake” on your Nokia 5210 or buying books that allowed you to personalize your ring tone on the Nokia 3210.

Oh, lets not forget that it was a MUST that your phone have the latest casing or a cool charm dangling from the antenna. Oh, and blinking text messages that were all the rage during Christmas!

2011 10 17 101301

3. Playing Super Mario Bros. on your Nintendo, and when it wouldn’t work properly, you’d simply eject the thingy… (I forget what you call it at the moment, correct me on the comments section if you know what I’m talking about) blow into it, pop it back in and voila! It’s working again!


4. Expressions such as:

      a. You’re so pretty… NOT!

      b. Suck it!

      c.  Talk to the hand!

      d. Psyche!

5. Wearing elephant pants, oversized t-shirts, colored shades, Skechers shoes!

6. Lisa Frank, Voltes 5, Pokemon, Kenan and Kel, Rugrats, collecting Beanie Babies, buying gifts from Gift Gate or Blue Magic!

2011 10 17 102238

2011 10 17 102617

7. Reading Goosebumps, anything by R.L. Stine, The Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, Archie Comics…

2011 10 17 103050

2011 10 17 103510

8. Music from the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Solid Harmony, 911, 98 Degrees, Code Red…

9. Playing outside all day long! Playing tag, ice ice water, patintero, chinese garter and etc! Or hanging out at the arcade and competing with each other and the different variants of Dance, Dance, Revolution!

10. Tamagotchis, using a pencil to rewind your cassette tapes or even borrowing VHS tapes from Blockbuster or Movie City.


tape5vhs kassette 01 kmj

I’m going to end here as I realize that I’m kinda giving my age away, but yeah… Those were the good ‘ol days. I miss them. When in Manila, I wish we had “Bring back the 90’s!” day. Seriously, I think it’d do us good to just kick back and bring back the good ‘ol days when life was simple and happy.

We all need to take a break from our now fast paced lives and just… Chill and enjoy 🙂

Missing the 90’s: A Pretty Nostalgic Post About the Good ‘ol Days

 *Disclaimer: NONE OF THESE PICTURES ARE MY OWN and were taken from several sites on the internet. Just saying.