Electronic Movie Tickets or Online E-Tickets: Movie-watching Minus the Hassle with SM E-PLUS

When in Manila, watching films won’t have to be such a hassle anymore!

Sm Cinema provides a solution to the agitating long lines that precede watching blockbuster films like ‘The Avengers’, ‘Battleship’ and the upcoming ‘Men in Black’.

SM Cinema recently launched its latest promo product, the EPLUS (Entertainment, Privileges, Lifestyle, Upgrades, Surprises) Card in The Block, SM North-Edsa.

SM Launches E-Plus

The newest SM Cinema innovation promises to treat the movie-goers  to a new cinematic experience, albeit the long, stressful lines and irritatingly unreasonable wait. SM CInema makes movie-watching more convenient and enjoyable by offering a reloable cinema membership card that works both as an exclusive ticket to SM Cinemas  and as a rewards card that allows cardholders to earn points at the same time.

The E-PLUS card makes movie-watching convenient because it allows instant access to the theater without even having to fall in line! The cardholders make up an exclusive club as they are entitled to exclusive discounts from partner establishments and access to special events. They also get to avail of seasonal offers and freebies from SM  The cardholders also get to receive regular promo and movie updates through both email and SMS.

Filing for an application is very affordable, too! One only has to fill out an application form obtainable at any E-Plus booth in the SM Malls or from the SM Cinema website and pay a fee of only Php300.00 for an E-Plus starter kit. The kit contains a personalized E-Plus card, a movie pass, a meal (one large popcorn and soda) and an “I am a Movieholic” premium item. There’s more! One even gets a complimentary ticket for another movie of his/her choice on the next visit to SM cinema upline the completion of the registration form and authentication of mobile number!

Avail of these privileges now, renew your old-watching ways and get yourself an E-Plus card, When in Manila.

Electronic Movie Tickets or Online E-Tickets: Movie-watching Minus the Hassle with SM E-PLUS!