El Nido Resorts Adventure: A Teaser for Travel Junkies

Teaser 7

Snorkeling at one of El Nido Resorts’ Coral Reef Destinations


When In Manila, its good to plan for your vacation especially this Holy Week and the succeeding days of summer. In what seems to be my lucky week, I was drafted by the When In Manila team to go with travel bloggers on a tour of El Nido Resorts.  In what is a once in a lifetime chance, I glady accepted the offer or should I say challenge. Boarding the Dornier 228 plane of Island Transvoyager Incorporated, we headed for an hour and a half trip of Cesar Lim Rodriguez Airport, a private gravel airstrip in the town of Taytay, Palawan. Since I have not uploaded my pictures, here is a teaser written extra-special from my water cottage in Lagen Island of what you can expect on a trip to any island destination El Nido Resorts in both the town of Taytay and El Nido, Palawan:


Teaser 1

Apulit Island stilt cottage rooms of El Nido Resorts


Teaser 2

The view outside the room at the balcony of El Nido Resorts’ Apulit Island




Apulit Island lies off the coast of Taytay, Palawan situated in Taytay Bay, an area rich in marine biodiversity. From Cesar Lim Rodriguez Airport, it took us almost an hour to reach Apulit Island via a small outrigger wharf just almost twenty minutes ride from the airport. The island is laidback, perfect for those who want to experience nature close hand. Recommended activities in this island are most water-related activities like snorkeling, diving and kayaking.


Teaser 3

Series of water cottages at Lagen Island of El Nido Resorts


Teaser 4

The room’s veranda of El Nido Resorts’ Lagen Island




While Apulit Island is situated off the coast of Taytay, Palawan, Lagen Island is situated in the town of El Nido, still in Palawan. It took us more than two hours to reach the island via the private wharf on the beach of El Nido Airport. This is where I am currently staying and will be enjoying the accommodations for another two days. Seen as a noted honeymooners’ destination, the water cottages of Lagen Island are designed to accomodate couples in a single queen-sized bed.  For those who would be going by groups of four or a family, garden cottages are also available but are situated near the poolside.


Teaser 5

Cottages on the beach front of El Nido Resorts’ Miniloc Island


Teaser 6

The Clubhouse of Miniloc Island by El Nido Resorts




Miniloc Island, just a few minutes by boat from Lagen Island, will be our destination for today. Dubbed as an eco-adventure playground, activities like rock climbing, hiking and snorkeling among others awaits those who will stay in the island. The island is perfect for adventure seekers who want fullest adventure and as well as the serenity of a secluded island.



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El Nido Resorts Tour: A Teaser for Travel Junkies