Edward Barber Shares Why He Wants to Become a Pastor

Edward Barber has found his life purpose outside the entertainment industry. “Nahanap ko ‘yung balance sa buhay ko sa labas ng industry at yung ginagawa ko sa loob ng industry,” the actor told Star Magic Inside News.

Attending Saturday service as a member of his Church ministry allowed Barber to meet new people and listen to their stories, which inspired him to be a pastor in the future. According to him, it changed his perspective on life. “When I stepped into that world, I stepped out of the spotlight and into the spotlight of someone else’s life. And, I’m not talking about one person, I’m talking about a community. I saw how it was to be someone to them, and that changed my life,” he revealed.

Apparently, Barber was previously told that he got everything he wanted. Yet, he disagrees with the idea. He explained, “I got everything that they wanted, but I never really felt that this is the place I should be.”

Nevertheless, the former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate clarified that he will still pursue his career in showbiz. He will just be adding another role in his life with the ministry. “This is still something that I love. This is something that I’ll be doing for a time but that’s [Church ministry] just one of my desires. That one day, to be part of a ministry,” he stated.

Watch the full interview below:

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