eBay Philippines redesigns a shopping experience that’s more YOU.

eBay Philippines redesigns a shopping experience that’s more YOU.



Would you love to have that shopping experience which is inspirational, engaging and most of all, personal?

 Quite a thrill, right?


If you answered yes, then I bring great news!


eBay Philippines has just launched its newest and most innovative design yet!


When in Manila, online shopping has taken its toll on many, if not most of us. With eCommerce screaming “convenience and availability”, it really caters to the needs of this urban population. Not to mention the fact that the smartphone experience has been such a game changer in almost every aspect of the market.


And these are the things that eBay Philippines now offer with its newest design! It’s cleaner and more contemporary look. In other words, it is definitely better.


New_eBay_MY_homepage (1)


eBay is redesigned with the shoppers in mind. What consumers expect, eBay delivers”, says Daniel Feiler, eBay’s Asia Pacific Communications Director.


eBay.com.ph now has a personal way to curate your online shopping, called the Feed. This feature creates the experience of an online personal shopper thru his/her interest with eBay’s global network. Furthermore, through streamlined navigation and headers on the new site, the consumers are provided an easier and more consistent shopping experience. The platform also now has the “view item” pages that offer bigger photos, more product information.





And as always, the site is easy and safe to use. It offers sellers a number of payment options as PayPal, credit or debit cards and online bank transfers among others.


Imagine a redefined online shopping experience. Indeed, eBay’s here adapting (and adapting well) to the constantly changing world of ecommerce and online media.


Daniel Feiler, Communications Director, eBay Asia Pacific

Daniel Feiler, Communications Director, eBay Asia Pacific



eBay is no longer simply an online shopping site. It’s currently so much more. It transcended from a site that resells to a site that provides you the shopping experience, made more convenient and accessible. The redesigned eBay Philippines may only be the start of a more engaging, innovative, inspirational and personal online shopping experience.


When in Manila and you simply love shopping anywhere at any time, eBay.com.ph is readily available for you. Click, search and browse for that shopping experience that’s more “you”.


Go to eBay.com.ph now!


About eBay

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eBay Philippines redesigns a shopping experience that’s more YOU.