EAT. Cafe: Adriatico’s Hidden Gem

Adriatico street in Malate, Manila is a home to diverse choices of restaurants, bars, and cafés. From Korean to Filipino food options, the said area is a hot spot for foreigners and the locals alike. However, we only know a little about the dainty international café that exists along the said street.

Hidden in plain sight, EAT. Café of V Hotel is known as a breakfast venue, but I think people should be informed that this café is also great for any type of meals. It is a must-try and highly-recommended food affair that everyone will surely love. And here are the reasons why:


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A lot of us might avoid going to hotel cafés for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is the notion that the food might be expensive. That’s one factor that sets the Eat. Café of V Hotel apart.

Not only does the café offer affordably priced-dishes, they also serve them with great flavors that will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Atop of that, their courses come in large servings which are ideal for sharing.

eact cAFE 8

One of EAT. Café’s recommended food choices is the Cheesy Roast Beef which are amazingly served in four slices. The café makes their own breads for their sandwiches to assure that no preservatives are added.

EAT. Cafe 1

Health conscious

EAT. Café is not only concerned about your wallet, it is also sensitive of your own healthy diet. Their menu caters a vast variety of vegan food, from their soups to main dishes. Some of their creatively crafted healthy dishes are the following:

EAT Cafe 6

Mushroom soup and Pumpkin soup

Much to my surprise, these specialty soups are made with real mushrooms and tomatoes. Yeah, that’s right. They do not just serve your good ol’ Campbell’s in a nice bowl; they really make sure you will savor the tomatoes and mushroom bits to love.

EAT. Cafe 3

Mushroom Fritters with Sour Cream Dip

The dish I did not expect to like. Mushroom Fritters? I do like mushrooms, but in my soup? And I never imagined that it can be a fried snack. But let’s just say this café managed to pull-off their creativity and imagination with this masterpiece. This unique nibbler became an unexpected favorite of mine. Hands-down to the sour cream dip, which harmonizes well with the Mushroom Fritters!

EAT. Cafe 4

Tomato Cream Pasta

This tangy and savory dish is well-cooked to satisfy your flavor-cravings. The blend of flavors are just right it will surely amaze you.

EAT. Cafe 6

The cozy ambienc

Located in the Mezzanine of V Hotel, the EAT. Café occupies and maximizes the whole floor. Its modern yet quirky interior adds to the over-all vibe of the place and will really allow you to enjoy their dishes in comfort or while having a wonderful conversation with your friend. Add to that the very attentive and friendly staff, who are willing to serve you with your needs.

EAT. Cafe 5

Now, don’t be shy and visit EAT. Café at the Mezzanine of V Hotel to fulfill your affordable and healthy food fix. Wait! Don’t forget to bring your friends to share great stories and good food with.

EAT. Café – V Hotel

1766 M. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila
+63 9266170310 | 02 3285552
Mon-Sun 7 AM to 10 PM


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