EATS: 11 Questions for Kapitolyo’s Eleven Tables

With all the restaurants and food hubs rising up in all corners of Metro Manila, Kapitolyo’s Eleven Tables tells us where to find them, which food to order and why you should visit them ASAP.

And so, here are 11 questions answered by Eleven Tables.

1. What is Eleven Tables?

Eleven Tables is a gastrobar in Kapitolyo that offers good food and booze.

2. Why was it named Eleven Tables?

The restaurant itself only has eleven tables. Thus, the name.

3. What happens when it gets crowded?

The only time it gets really crowded is when the place is rented for a private party or event. In these cases, people don’t mind sharing seats and tables.

4. Since when did Eleven Tables start operations in Kapitolyo?

Eleven Tables has been serving food and drinks since 2011.

5. What is the average budget per person in order to happily dine at Eleven Tables?

An estimate of around 300 pesos per person is good to go. We also offer a wine-all-you-can promo for only P500.

6. Who usually visits Eleven Tables?

Everyone. We regularly have students, working people, couples and friends around.

7. What is Eleven Tables’ bestseller?

Our bestseller is the Shrimp Gambas or buttered shrimp pieces in garlic and chilis.


(Shrimp Gambas, P 345)

8. What’s new at Eleven Tables?

Our fondues. Unlike the regular chocolate fondue, we have cheese fondue, savory fondue and dessert fondue. 


(Bacon Cheddar Cheese Fondue, P 420)

9. Any other recommended dishes?

We also highly recommend Wings in Spicy and Garlic Parmesan, Pasta, and S’mores. Our Mixed Cold Cuts & Cheese Platter with Sausage is also a must-try; they are best paired with our wines.


(Wings in Spicy and Garlic Parmesan flavors, P 380)


(Pasta, P 280)


(S’mores, P 300)


(Mixed Cold Cuts & Cheese Platter w/ Sausage, P 550)

10. Why should people visit Eleven Tables?

Well, if they happen to need a cozy place where they can hang out and unwind, eat good food or have a few shots of liquor, Eleven Tables is definitely the place to go to.

11. Any plans to make it Twelve Tables or Fifteen Tables in the future?

We’d like to keep it this way with just eleven tables.


Our team initially visited the place for the do-it-yourself s’mores, but we ended up loving all the dishes they served. To wrap it up, our Eleven Tables experience is an 11/10.

So, in case you wanted a laid-back spot where you can catch up with friends, have a date night with your SO, or even spend some alone time, you definitely won’t go wrong with Eleven Tables. Go ahead and occupy at least one of those tables.

Eleven Tables

Ace Plaza Building, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Mondays – Saturdays

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