Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort: Practice Diving in a Man-Made Sea

The natural beauty of the Philippines is undeniable. Being a tropical archipelagic country, there is much to see and experience given our absolutely rich biodiversity. Our marine life, most especially, is much sought after because of all of the creatures you could find (and some you could only find) here; giving the Philippines a reputation of having numerous diving sites that most adventurous souls—whether local or foreign—seek to explore. 

You could go to Donsol to interact with the butandings or you could travel to Palawan to swim with the sea turtles; however, if you don’t have the luxury of time to go that far, going to Anilao, Batangas is ideal.

We drove to Batangas with the ever so reliable Toyota Altis. Batangas is near Manila, making it an ideal road trip destination. It’ also the perfect diving spot for beginners! We searched for the best diving resort in the area and found Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort. We went there without any expectations and ended up loving everything about this charming paradise. 

Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 53

White sand, luscious palm trees, calming ocean – those are what will greet you at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort. With its beautifully-aged and beach-house-like architectural structures, everything embodies the island life. The view will make you just want to rest and unwind, but there is much to try in this resort that will make your time there even more memorable.  


The resort has three swimming pools for their guests: the Double-Level Swimming Pool, the Saltwater Reef Pool, and the South-End Pool overlooking Sepoc Island (which you’ll read more about below). 

Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort’s double-level pool is stunning; it looks like an infinity pool with a direct view of the beach from above. It’s a nice place to swim or sunbathe in, especially during the sunset as the golden light makes the water shine impeccably. The pool is only 5-feet deep throughout, so you can enjoy swimming and even try out the slide even if you don’t know how to swim. 

Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 51

The south-end pool is equally appealing, but what differs is the exclusivity. It’s quite far from the main area, so if you want to swim in peace under the shade of trees and cottages and adore Sepoc Island from afar, this is where you would want to be. 

Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 69

For other recreational forms of entertainment, they have a game room where you can play billiards and table tennis in. Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 20


Again, Anilao, Batangas is known for being the perfect spot for people who wish to experience diving. Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is one of the most—if not the most—famous establishment to do so in. They offer introductory lessons for diving through their “man-made sea” or saltwater reef pool, which is around 9-12 feet deep. Their instructors are licensed divers recognized internationally to assure you of your safety and their effectiveness in teaching you the basics.  Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 76

The saltwater reef pool is in front of the Dive Shop where you can rent the necessary gear, including snorkeling masks, fins, and diving equipment. The pool may look relatively easy to practice in, but it’s also a bit intimidating as it replicates what you can expect in the open sea. It has rock formations and a variety of fishes to make everything look realistic. Once you’re ready, you’ll be allowed to dive in the open sea.  

This is the exciting part. Anilao, Batangas may be suitable for newbies, but it doesn’t compromise on marine wildlife. A lot of Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort’s guests are actually foreign divers who know that the area is an awesome diving spot not too far from Manila—a testament to how popular it is. Here is a GoPro shot to give you a view of what we saw: Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 72

Sepoc Island

Guests are free to roam around a secluded islet owned by Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort called Sepoc Island; this is the aforementioned magnificent island viewable and not far from the Southern pool. There is a fee for the boat ride; but upon reaching Sepoc Island, you basically have the place all to yourselves without any more charges. Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 82

This beach has calmer water; giving you the bliss of swimming and snorkeling in the clear water. There are tons of fish, coral reefs, and other creatures already in sight not far from the shore; imagine going a little further! Other parts of the island have wilder waves, but just hearing the them crash against the rocks while you gaze at its turquoise color is already captivating in itself.  

You can also trek in Sepoc Island. It’s relatively easy to hike and the summit is worth it. It will only take you an estimated time of 5-10 minutes to get to the top and you’ll be greeted by the view of the whole island afterwards. It will leave you in awe and make you appreciate the wonder of nature even more. DSC 1274

If you’re feeling tired, they have shelters for you to sit and eat your lunch in. We ate ours on the treehouse. The view, the blue sky, the windy atmosphere, and the food served were perfect. Who doesn’t want freshly caught grilled fish? Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 1

Rest and Dine

To cap off a long activity-filled day, a perfect slumber is just what you need. Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort has three main room types: the terrace hotel, cottages, and suites.  

Those suite rooms and cottages (air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned) are stretched along the coast of the resort. There are many cottages to choose from; but they all offer the same tropical, cabin-like, and serene beach-front rooms. Here, you will wake up to the sound of nature and the sunrise illuminating the façade of your very own jungle house. 

Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 70

The ones at the terrace hotel are more modern and industrialized. The beds are incredibly soft and the whole place is well-maintained. Although the nature theme is still evident, the minimalistic set-up pops out more. Like with the loft, for example: 

Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 58

The rooms with a sea view are especially lovely; feel free to lounge on the terrace as you start your day right by enjoying a cup of good coffee with your loved ones. 

Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 54

Like any other hotels/resorts, breakfast is included for guests. They serve a Filipino-American buffet at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort to give you the energy you need for the day. The food is delicious as it is, but there is something about the view from the restaurant that makes the whole dining experience so much better. 

Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 36

They also have an a la carte menu for other times of the day. We highly recommend that you their Taco, Salmon, Adobo, and Key Lime Pie for dessert. They are all good for sharing and prove to be great island foods to match the vibes of the place.  

Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 9

Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Island 44

Overall, Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is an excellent choice for your next trip; so pack your bags because, just a few hour drives away from Manila, an exciting island adventure awaits you. 

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Special Thanks to Toyota Motor Philippines for lending us the Toyota Altis for this trip!


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