Droolwear: Drool-Worthy Shirts for Anime Lovers and Gamers!

Hello, everyone! Since I have free time on my hands again, I can say that I have successfully rekindled my love for anime and gaming. Now, just in time for this, I came across an awesome shop that helped ignite this blazing flame I seemed to have neglected for a while– Droolwear.

Droolwear (1)

Started by three friends who are definitely fandom geeks such as myself, Droolwear re-creates shirts that will surely fire up your love for all things fandom-y, whether it be Western- or Eastern-inspired.

Droolwear (2)

What’s crazy about this store is that no matter what vibe of fandom you’re in, there will definitely be something for you! You can go for the crazy, shounen types of anime or cute shoujou-themed ones. Droolwear will surely cater to those whims!

Droolwear (4)

In terms of quality, I can bear witness as to how comfy the shirts feel against my skin (personally, there is something about the gray shirts that I love! They’re so soft!) and how amazing the designs are. They don’t hold back on detail, either, and overall, I’d say they are bragworthy!

Droolwear (3)

Definitely two thumbs up for this shop!

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They also ship internationally!


Facebook: www.facebook.com/Droolwear
Instagram: www.instagram.com/Droolwear
Text/Viber: +63 927 794 3254

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