Drive with DJ Khaled as the Voice of Waze


The newest addition to Waze’s voice option is DJ Khaled! You read that right. #BlessUp because he’s the latest voice of the navigation app.

You gotta open your apps now and change the voice settings ASAP because this #MajorKey is only available from May 23 to June 30, 2019.

DJ Khaled’s voice was made exclusively for Waze by the music streaming app, Deezer. Words of wisdom from the rapper were included in the app just like, “Stay focused,” “Don’t play yourself,” and “The top’s off the Maybach.” This collab is part of promoting DJ Khaled’s newest album, Father Asahd. And boy, we are not even kidding! Hear it for yourself:

We know… We are all still waiting for Rufa Mae Quinto… but this is cool and exciting too!

Ready to hit the road with DJ Khaled?

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