Drink Hineleban Coffee And Help Reforest Mindanao

Drink Hineleban Coffee And Help Reforest Mindanao


Coffee is a heavenly drink, and what better way to improve your coffee drinking experience than knowing that you can support a good cause just by enjoying your favorite caffeine fix? This is exactly what you can do if you buy Hineleban Coffee. 

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Drink Hineleban Coffee And Help Reforest Mindanao


I recently came across this brand while shopping at my local Healthy Options store and the concept behind it seems worthy of support. Hineleban Foundation is a nonprofit organization that plants one tree for every 500g Hineleban coffee bag purchased under what they call their “Sip and Reforest” campaign. Now, companies sometimes make these types of claims to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, but then there is no real way to follow up on it once you have parted with your money.

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This is where Hineleban Coffee is different: every bag has a unique code printed on it, and you can use this code to not only look up your tree online – including a photo of the actual tree and its exact location on Google maps – but you even get the chance to register and name it.

This really sets Hineleban apart from similar brands and I freely admit that getting to see and name my own little tree brought a smile to my face. It’s a brilliant initiative that makes consumers feel involved and makes a difference. The website even states that the image will be updated once a year, so you can monitor your own tree’s growth. 

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The vision of the organization, according to their website, is the regeneration of the rainforest of all the mountain ranges of Mindanao, and the ‘Sip and Reforest’ campaign is only one of a number of ongoing projects. Of course, it can only really be successful if the taste of the coffee matches the enthusiasm of its producers. Luckily, there is nothing to worry about here. I love coffee and have tried countless different local roasts in the past, and Hineleban’s Full City Roast certainly delivers on the taste front. Quietly rich and distinctive, with brisk and earthy notes complimented by soft but vibrant acidity, these lovingly roasted beans have landed straight in my list of favourite local coffees. 

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Now, planting a tree for every pack does add to the price, and might be worth mentioning that at over P600 per 500g pack, Hineleban ‘Sip and Reforest’ is not exactly cheap, but it does come with the added fuzzy feeling that you are doing something good.



Hineleban Foundation



The ‘Sip and Reforest’ coffee packs are now available at all Healthy Options stores nationwide.



Drink Hineleban Coffee And Help Reforest Mindanao