Bo’s Coffee: Support Delicious Local Philippine Coffee!

When in Manila, it is quite common to see people of every age, gender and race chilling inside coffee shops doing whatever it is that they do best. However, it isn’t very common to see these coffee shops use and support Philippine coffee. Bo’s Coffee, however, does.

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Bo’s Coffee is proudly Filipino! 



Our beautiful country actually has a rich and fascinating history with coffee.  In fact, did you know that we were once the top producers of coffee until a disease almost wiped out all of our crops? Well, ever since then, there are only a few proud Filipino brands that still aim to showcase how great Philippine coffee actually is – Bo’s Coffee included.

Now, Bo’s Coffee is inviting everybody to try their Single Origin Arabica beans that have been sourced from Benguet, Sagada, Mt. Matutum and Mt. Katinglad and roasted to perfection by artisan roasters.

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Bo’s Coffee Single Origin Arabica Beans comes in four flavors!

I was actually lucky enough to try out all of these different coffee beans at Bo’s Coffee recently and they actually all taste uniquely different from one another. The Sagada coffee beans from Bo’s Coffee create coffee that is sweet, chocolate-y, nutty and well-balanced, while the coffee beans from Benguet create coffee that is well-balanced and herbal.

The Mt. Matutum coffee beans from Bo’s Coffee create coffee that is berry-like and spicey, while the coffee beans from Mt. Katinglad create coffee that is light, nutty and slightly floral. Regardless of which one you go for, though, Bo’s Coffee: Support Delicious Local Philippine Coffee! coffee beans really do reflect their vision: to put Philippine coffee back on the map! Let’s help do this!

Just for the record, my favorite coffee beans from Bo’s Coffee are the Sagada ones! 🙂

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Bo’s Coffee baristas have perfected the Pour Over Method!

At the coffee-tasting event at Bo’s Coffee, one of their baristas demonstrated how to produce coffee with the simple Pour Over Method.

This Pour Over Method requires a steady hand, a brew bar, a V60 cone, a swan kettle, a weight scale, and precise water and temperature measurements, which can produce a flavorful cup of coffee, regardless of which Bo’s Coffee coffee beans you opt for. 

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The Pour Over Method is actually very easy and fun to do and you can catch a demo of it at select branches of Bo’s Coffee if you want to learn more about it! 🙂

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So, think about it: when was the last time you had a cup of genuine, delicious Philippine coffee? When in Manila, you can get just it at Bo’s Coffee. Try it! 🙂

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Bo’s Coffee: Support Delicious Local Philippine Coffee!

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