Double your Style with this Cool Reversible Swimwear

I’ve been buying different swimsuits for every time I go to the beach and, sometimes, they can be expensive. Luckily, I stumbled upon I Love Flip Shop who sells reversible swimwear.

I haven’t seen any other shop that sells reversible swimwear. I love that you get two designs for the price of one! Unlike most swimsuits that are sold online, you have the option to buy the set or just the top. Plus, they also have reversible swimwear for kids!


Usually, I Love Flip Shop swimwears have an aztec print side and a plain colored side. You can choose from wearing either, depending on your mood.


What I loved about I Love Flip Shop is that it’s a space saver in your bag when you travel. Instead of bringing a bunch of swimsuits, you just have to bring a few because you can always reverse it for a different style.

Reversible swimwear sets are sold for Php500-Php590; a good value for something that you can wear multiple times and in different ways.

Double your Style with this Cool Reversible Swimwear

One of their hottest swimwear styles is the racerfront and I Love Flip Shop has them! It is paired with some boyleg bottoms, in case you don’t want to show too much skin.

Double your Style with this Cool Reversible Swimwear

If you are looking for more stylish swimwear, I Love Flip Shop also sells three-piece swimwear which is a two piece swimsuit paired with a cute little skirt that are perfect for lounging around the beach or even partying!

Double your Style with this Cool Reversible Swimwear

They also have this very stylish wraptop which you can use during your swimming adventure, or as your everyday wear. It is perfect with high waist pants or skirt and is very similar to a crop top. You can style it in different ways.

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