Donut Burgers and More: All “Splice” and Everything Nice

When I asked one foodie friend about what resto to feature next, she immediately said, Splice! She mentioned that though she haven’t tried dining there herself, she heard raving comments about it. It might be quite appalling as to not know what to expect, but a part of myself thought: a resto where none of my friends have dined just yet? Challenge accepted!

Splice (3)

Splice Resto Bar is a relatively new resto in Greenfield District which is co-owned by Masterchef 3rd Placer Ivory Yat and four more of her friends. Chef Ivory was so candidly amusing! She even taught us some culinary terms. Let’s just say, I now know the story behind the makings of a Puttanesca. *wink wink*

The only question left to be answered is: did we enjoy their dishes? I have listed the highlights of our Splice experience and you be the judge.

5. Appetizing appetizers

We were given 2 dishes: the Angus Tapa Poutine which has beef tapa bits served on top of fries, and the Sriracha Butter Wings which I liked for its distinct (butter) flavor.

The servings are enough for 4 people hence appetizer pa lang busog na kami!

Splice (17)Sriracha Butter Wings P270

Splice (15)Angus Tapa Poutine P220

4. Sumptuous Main Courses

When I did some light research about this resto, I was taken aback when I read the Donut Burger on their menu. I was like, “what the…?” but wait till you try it.

Meet The Lisa Burger which is comprised with beef patty, honey dijon mustard, and barbecue sauce. The ‘bun’ is a glazed salted caramel donut which, surprisingly, works with the other elements of the burger.

Splice (14)Lisa Burger (P220) named after Lisa Simpson as Chef Ivory is a huge fan of the TV series.

Since Chef Ivory is a fan of the TV series The Simpsons, she named all the donut burgers after the TV show’s characters. Fan of the show, too? You might get nostalgic just choosing your own donut burger!

They also let us try their best seller Danggit and Chicken Skin Carbonarra. I could taste the crunchiness of the chicken skin, plus the oomph of the danggit. Even my brother who doesn’t eat pasta with white sauce liked it. The dish may sound odd, but it was truly a revelation!

Splice (13)Danggit & Chicken Skin Carbonarra P270

3. Enticing entrees

They let us taste 3 entrees.  At this point, we were all mid-full and already at the ‘phasing’ stage. However, once the food was served, everybody was ready to dig in again!

First up was the 8-hour Pork Belly Confit with Italian Rice, one of the resto’s best sellers. Have you guessed why it was named like that? You’re right! It has been cooked for 8 hours, making the pork really tender.

Splice (9)8-hour Pork Belly Confit (120 grams) P270

Next was the Chicken Saltimbocca, another best seller. It is a bacon-wrapped chicken with brown butter and sage sauce. Not sure about you, but for me, anything wrapped in bacon is delish! It is supple and goes well with the sauce, even more complemented by the pandan rice.

Splice (19)Chicken Saltimbocca P330

Lastly, and my personal favorite, was the Beef Belly Barbecue served on a stick (ala traditional BBQ) with dirty rice. Though it looked like a simple chow, the beef belly is actually braised in root beer. It’s a superbly carried out meal–the meat is so ‘siksik’ hence the reason why it made me go gaga over this dish. I highly encourage you to try this one out.

Splice (10) Splice Beef Belly Barbecue P330

2. Gratifying desserts

I’ve had my fair share of pannacottas, so I quite know what’s good or not. Definitely, the mango crunch was on point–the texture, smooth and creamy. Plus, the crunch added a little bit of pizzazz to the much-liked dessert.

While I was chowing down the pannacotta, Chef Ivory encouraged my friend to smoosh the meringue (of the Meringue Con Quezo) to enjoy it in a much fuller scale. Complemented with graham cracker bits and fresh strawberries, all we can say is yummeh!

Splice (2)From left: Meringue Con Quezo & Mango Pannacotta Crunch, both P170

1. Customized Menu

Chef Ivory let us in on a non-publicized fact: she can customize their menu if you wish her too. She told us that she deconstructed the Donut Burger for a customer who wants to eat the donut bun separately from the patty. And the time that a family came to their resto and a child just wanted spaghetti (read: Filipino style spag). She mentioned, “naging Mcdo/Jollibee ako that time!”

How much will that be? Not far from the menu price, surprisingly. She again joked, “Kung ilang pawis yung tumulo, times 10!”

Splice (7)

The best part? The price range of their dishes is from P180 to P330 (inclusive of VAT and service charge). Nothing higher than that, I swear! They also serve restaurant quality lunch specials and P50 cocktails (from 5-9pm).

They also have nightly happenings at their resto:

Mondays – D’oh-nut Burger Day
Tuesdays – Comedy Night
Thursdays & Fridays – Acoustic Nights
Saturdays – R&B night
Sundays – Free Sriracha Butter Wings or Alcoholic BBQ Wings (for a single receipt of P900)

And oh, if you are working for any company located in the Greenfield District, you are entitled for a 10% discount. Splice operates from 11 am, and when I asked Chef Ivory what time they close, she blurted, “hangga’t may tao, bukas kame!” So what are you waiting for? Go naaa!


The Portal, Greenfield District
Shaw Blvd. cor. Mayflower St. Highway Hills,  Mandaluyong
(Beside MRT Shaw and Shangrila)

FB: Splice Resto Bar
Instagram: @SpliceRestoBar
Twitter: @SpliceRestoBar


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