Don’t forget to catch April’s ‘Pink Moon’ this Friday night!

Stargazers may have been disappointed that March’s supermoon was to be the last of the year, but supermoons aren’t the only astrological phenomena to look out for. Actually, each full moon can be considered a special lunar event this year with their own unique names. This month, we have a Pink Moon to look forward to on April 19!

Photo from HelloGiggles 

According to Amy Nieskens from the Old Farmer’s Almanac, “April’s Full Moon is known as the Full Pink Moon because it heralded the appearance of wild group phlox or moss pink, one of the first Spring flowers.” Essentially, April’s moon signals that we are in the midst of spring which is represented by the symbolic (pink) wildflowers.

So, sadly, the moon will not be magically turning pink on Friday night — after all, the moon never actually changes color. However, because of expected atmospheric disturbances there is a chance for the moon to glow in ethereal tones of yellow, orange, or red.

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Even if the moon won’t be appearing to change colors tomorrow night, the sight is still expected to be one for the books. Time and Date‘s lunar calendar sets the full moon for complete visibility at 7:12pm on April 19.

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