Dong Juan: Travel to Cebu with Your Tastebuds

I love to travel. Even at my young age, I know that I can reach faraway places and roam not only the Philippines, but also the whole world. With my age, though, comes the problem every coming-of-age kid goes through: money. Fortunately, saving is an option, and most of my travels are mainly grateful to my secret stash. I spent summers and Christmases in the likes of Palawan and Mindoro, Zambales and Baguio, and Boracay. However, one place remains un-slashed in my list of must-visits: Cebu.

However, until I’m well-financed and ready to venture Cebu, I am  happy to say that I can satisfy my wanderlust and get a taste of Cebu at this Cebu-based restaurant that has finally hit the shores of the Metro: Dong Juan.

Dong Juan is located in Mother Ignacia, Quezon City, and is a nice breather from the oft-packed restos in the area. The feel is intimate, fresh and homey, with a wide space for each group of diners wanting to have a special place to eat to their heart’s content. With two floors of brightly-lit interiors composed of tiled walls and wooden structures, and fish sculptures and comfy cushions and beautiful paintings, Dong Juan is perfect for family dinners or barkada get-togethers.

Sample their dishes that are proudly Pinoy with a twist. Dong Juan’s offerings will make you crave for their food again and again, but make sure you try out these picks among other delicious fares:


Dong Juan

 Chili Wings

A mix of spices will play in your mouth as you eat these juicy, spicy chicken wings.

Dong Juan

 Best to eat it with your hands!

Dong Juan

 Dong Juan French Fries

Pop a fry in your mouth and you’ll know that Dong Juan’s version of this fast food favorite is unlike any other out there. The secret? A dash of  paprika for that extra oomph factor.

Dong Juan

Kalamansi Blush

One of my favorite drinks in the world. This is a delight to drink with the perfect hint of fruitiness, thanks to the strawberries at the bottom.

Dong Juan

Dong Juan Fried Rice

Their fried rice is a meal in itself . It’s not too oily,  so it’s not nakakaumay. Plus, it pairs well with the mains!

Dong Juan

Baby Back Ribs in Barbecue Sauce

Three words: Best. Ribs. Ever. The meat is tender and the barbecue sauce is such a winner that I can barely describe it because no proper adjectives can tell you how good it is. You just have to take my word for it and try it yourself.

Dong Juan

Cebu Native Chorizo Pasta

Chorizo in Pasta cooked the Dong Juan way is bliss in every forkful.

Dong Juan

 Dong Juan Cheeseburger

Try their best-selling burger! It’s healthy, juicy and uber-tasty. The addition of cheese completes the best burger experience of the night.

Dong Juan

Gambas Al Ajillo Pasta

This pasta dish is interesting as a tingle of different flavors will tickle your tastebuds. It’s spiced in a unique way with fulfilling seafood flavors.

Dong Juan

Creme Brulee

The desserts are also to die for! Their creme brulee is creamy and not too sweet – good for those who just want a bit of sugar after their feast.

Dong Juan

Warm Brownie Melt

For chocolate lovers, don’t miss the Warm Brownie Melt. The hot, thick brownie plus the cool scoop of vanilla ice cream is a great match!

Dong Juan

Dessert Cannoli

The simplicity of this dessert makes it a favorite among the diners of Dong Juan. Crunchy and sweet, share it with your friends or family and end the Dong Juan experience in a great way.

Dong Juan


Cebu may be leagues away, but Cebu does not have to be as far as it actually is, thanks to Dong Juan!


Dong Juan

72 Mother Ignacia Ave. cor. Scout Reyes, 1103 Quezon City


Twitter/Instagram: @dongjuanph


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