Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wait for January to Jumpstart Your Dream Business

Getting ahead of your competition is one of the key lessons an entrepreneur should take seriously. As such, Bizhub PH has released some facts that could help you decide on why starting your business at the end of the year is actually the best idea.

As a company that helps educate entrepreneurs about business registration in the Philippines and its requirements, Bizhub PH and their frontman, General Manager, Aldrin Enrile, shares some business facts and insider tips that could help you decide on getting ahead. Register your business.

The Last Quarter

This is the best time to register your business because this gets you ahead of anyone thinking they should begin in January. Contrary to this idea, January is the busiest time for our government offices due to renewals of business permits. Thus, your registration may actually take longer than usual. Give yourself 2-2.5 months to register a Domestic Corporation.

Consult For Free

There are several establishments out there that should give you the advice you need for your business. However, they might not all have the right information or updated information, especially online. In an effort to be cost-efficient, you may end up doing something incorrectly, and you might take misinformed advice. This could lead to double the work and double the expenses just to correct the mistakes. Bizhub PH ensures that their information is always up-to-date and checked on a regular basis. They even provide free 45-minute consultation on the best registration types for you.

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Know Your Costing

In an effort to be cost-effective, you might also want to register on your own, but Bizhub PH does not save the best information from their website. Their website is fully packed with all of the information you might need as a startup. The website bizhub.com.ph even has a government fee calculator so you can get ahead of the game by knowing how much money you’ll need to prepare.

The Best Deals

Year-end deals are always the best. As long as the company values its clients’ best interests, a good business solutions company shall provide the best incentive to boost the economy and the startup dream. Starting this December, Bizhub PH is offering 50% off on all incorporation services plus a free virtual office to help get your business going.

To know more about how Bizhub PH and their services, visit their website at www.bizhub.com.ph or follow their social media pages. FREE Consultation, FREE Virtual Office, and 50% off on all domestic incorporation services await!