Disney’s “Hercules” Is Getting A Stage Adaptation!

While Disney has been making beautiful live-action remakes of their classic films, it’s also good to know that they haven’t neglected the beauty of stage theater. Reports say that one of the greatest Disney musical films, Hercules, is going to be adapted for the stage!


The award-winning and legendary composer for many of Disney’s greatest hits, Alan Menken, broke the news through the Orange County Register.

In the interview, he shares his confidence in Hercules having “a moment that will surprise people”, and then reveals that he is currently working on a stage version of Hercules.

A lot of people are, of course, rejoicing at this news. Hercules had some of the best songs in its soundtrack, including the hit “Go The Distance.”


Plus, I’m sure the Muses–that amazing musical girl group that pretty much made the film a whole lot better–will be one thing that we will all be looking forward to on the stage.

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While there aren’t much details on when we can expect this production, just the news that there will be one is already so exciting.

I just watched Hercules the other night and I cannot express how much I am willing to go the distance just to see the stage adaptation.

What do you think of a stage adaptation for Hercules? Share it with us!