Disney+ Expands The MCU Even Further With New Show For She-Hulk

Marvel’s first set of television shows streaming on Disney+ hasn’t even premiered yet, but they’ve already got their gears in motion for more heroes to join their ever-expanding cast. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige shared the exciting news at the D23 Expo 2019 that 3 whole new superheroes would be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Aside from Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight getting their own shows, She-Hulk will have the chance to tell her story as well.

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Although there were no details released on the possible cast, creative team, timeline, or the like, fans were simply ecstatic to hear that this green giant would finally be joining the fold. From the comics we know that She-Hulk is actually Jennifer Walters, cousin to the OG green monster Bruce Banner a.k.a the Hulk. She, however, did not have to go through a gamma ray explosion to receive the ability to transform into the hulk. Instead, she gained it through a life-saving blood transfusion. Another difference is that Jennifer never had the difficulty of maintaining consciousness while in the form of She-Hulk!

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Feige confirmed during the same panel that while She-Hulk may be making her debut on the small screen she will be existing in the MCU. It is also very likely that we will be seeing her on the big screen following her television introduction.

What would you like to see in the new She-Hulk series? 


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