Moon Knight To Be Introduced To The MCU With His Own Tv Series

Disney+’s set of new superhero series are considered to be “essential viewing” for any Marvel fan, making the world even bigger and richer by integrating into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This might be because they fill in the gaps and answer the questions the movies simply don’t have the time to do (like: what happened to Loki?!) or because they bring in new characters to a widely diversified range of superheroes. The latter is what’s set to happen with one of Disney’s newly announced projects, Moon Knight. 

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Moon Knight centers around the character Marc Spector, a former mercenary and CIA agent. After being ‘left for dead’ in the Egyptian desert due to a looting gone wrong, Spector was found and saved by a group of Egyptians who ultimately imbibe him with the powers of an Egyptian god. He is described as a man “struggling with multiple personalities and amoral inclinations.”

No specific details like casting or creative team were announced for the show. However, it can be estimated to premiere sometime after 2021 due to its placement on the MCU’s Phase 4 timeline. Its inclusion in Phase 4 with television shows She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel point towards an even more expansive Marvel universe than previously guessed at. Fans now speculate that this could be significant of another big time build-up.

What would you like to see in Moon Knight? 


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