Discovery Country Suites’ Restaurant Verbena: Delectable Weekend Brunch in the Countryside

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then brunch is certainly the most fun one – at least in my opinion. A portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, brunch is a meal of breakfast staples like eggs thrown in with some succulent meaty lunchtime dishes -lcohol optional.

Introducing their new brunch menu is Restaurant Verbena, the restaurant of Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay City. Who wouldn’t love a late morning meal with delicious country-style dishes, decadent desserts, and a tall glass of sparkling wine?

Their brunch menu is available every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Now, this is what a good weekend looks like.


Pork Belly Benedict (Php 565)


Brunch Burger (Php 610)


Corned Beef Breakfast Sandwich (Php 595)


Smoked Salmon (Php 695)


Bouillabaisse (Php 995)


Prosciutto and Soft Eggs (Php 685)

The prosciutto and soft eggs was my meal of choice. The ham is certainly smoky, quite tangy and salty in just the right notes, which blends well with the earthy undertones of the asparagus and the velvety richness of the soft egg. The pesto has a bright pop of flavor and the tomatoes bring a delicate freshness to the dish.


Chef Celmar Ambida, Restaurant Verbena’s Executive Chef

The man responsible for our brunch fare was Chef Celmar Ambida. As Restaurant Verbena‘s Executive Chef, he helps oversee the continuous development of Discovery Country Suites‘ culinary offerings.

The dishes are fresh and served on a plate that look too good to eat: sprinkled with flower petals, spices, and garnished just right. Vibrant colors and rich aromas are certainly a treat for the senses.

After (or before) you finish a hearty brunch meal, you can help yourself to Restaurant Verbena‘s lovely array of decadent desserts, pastries, and chocolates.




Being a purveyor of all things chocolate, my personal favorite is the choco crumble -A rich chocolate mousse served in a little mason jar with some krispies to balance out the smooth thick flavorful chocolate and cream.


The hummingbird cake is one of Restaurant Verbena’s crowd favorites. Don’t let its simple presentation fool you. It’s a decadent cake filled with a nutty flavor, and is like a banana cake without bananas.

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