Discover These Alluring Stays In Donsol: Vitton & Woodland Beach Resorts

Thinking of finally ticking off whale shark watching off your bucket list? Then you’re ready to go to Donsol! After a 12-hour travel on the road from Manila you’d want to relax in a place that provides all the amenities of a resort at an affordable price. Enjoy the in-between time of your whale shark watching adventure at Vitton & Woodland Beach resorts.

These are actually two different resorts. Woodland caters to backpackers while Vitton is for the regular travelers and families. Both have great poolside areas where you can relax, take a dip, sip some local beers, and mingle with other travelers at the bar nearby.

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when-in-manila-whaleshark-philippines-donsol-vitton-woodland-beach-reosorts-sorsogon-8614Pool area at Vitton

when-in-manila-whaleshark-philippines-donsol-vitton-woodland-beach-reosorts-sorsogon-8430Accommodation at Vitton

You know how kids are and pools, so it’s a perfect place for them to play in before or after the boat rides to the whale sharks.

when-in-manila-whaleshark-philippines-donsol-vitton-woodland-beach-reosorts-sorsogon-8412Pool and accommodations at Woodland

Vitton is more family-friendly and Woodland is quieter and more backpacker oriented. For Woodland, you get the value of backpacking accommodation with the cozy amenities nearby to use. Woodland prices on Agoda start at $8 (P400) per bed, while Vitton offers start at $45 (P2,230).


Dining and bar area at Woodland


Dining area at Vitton


Bar area at Vitton

Vitton and Woodland both exude that rustic tropical charm which best complements your stay in Sorsogon. The family rooms in Vitton provide a great terrace view that openly lets you admire the sea and sunset.

Different rooms can offer you a view of the garden, too.


Family room at Vitton


Double Deluxe at Vitton


Basic single at Vitton


View from the room terraces at Vitton

We found an amazing spot for lunch–think crabs, laing, ginataan, shrimp, barbecue, grilled or singing na isda with the table facing the sea. Perfect.


Another great thing facing the sea is their massage area. Best for a lazy afternoon or at night while you get rocked to sleep with the sound of the ocean while being massaged to relaxing bliss.



On some occasions, yoga is offered. I was lucky since I was with the yoga teacher ;) Swim, eat, yoga…repeat.



First day we went right into whale shark interaction, while on our second night we went firefly watching. It’s a long lost sight for us nowadays and seeing something from my youth and in droves just brought a wave of nostalgia. For a generation that doesn’t get these stuff, it was like seeing real life Christmas lights for our kids. The tour down the river was really informative, and since it was a boat-ride in the dark, I couldn’t help but look up and see so many stars–it’s either I haven’t been going out of our house and looking up at night lately, or the stars are really that much in the skies of Donsol.

It was a good 3 days and 2 nights stay and we were able to maximize and enjoy our stay at Vitton & Woodland Beach Resorts. Donsol has a rich and healthy ecosystem that’s why it’s able to offer us all these wonders. It’s definitely worth the extra flight (Manila to Legazpi – approx 1 hour) or drive (12-14 hours from Manila). We took that long drive and were able to see Mount Mayon (one of world’s most perfect volcanoes) and taste the chili ice cream along the way, too.



What are you waiting for? Schedule that trip to Donsol between December to May (reserve in advance since Vitton & Woodland can get pretty full fast), start ticking this off your bucket list and fall in love this beautiful country.

Vitton & Woodland Beach Resorts

Donsol-Pio Duran Road, Barangay Dancalan, Donsol, 4715 Sorsogon, Philippines
Tel : +63 917 544 4089

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