Dipdenza Coffee: Your Friendly Bonifacio Global City Neighborhood Cafe

An urban jungle where nature abounds, Bonifacio Global City is one of Metro Manila’s more vibrant areas. Work and play are in harmony here where people are content to window shop, walk around, or wine and dine.

Another addition to Bonifacio Global City‘s roster of restaurants and cafes is the comfortable caffeine nook that is Dipdenza Coffee, situated within The Fort Strip. This quaint cafe is a good place to unwind after work or a “cool” party.

With a few couches, a reliable WiFi connection, good mood music, and great lighting, Dipdenza Coffee has the basics of your neighborhood cafe down pat.


Caramel Cappuccino, Php160

This warm beverage is one of Dipdenza Coffee‘s bestsellers: simple and delicious. It is a warm cuppa joe that doesn’t try too much — it’s got the right amounts of sweet and it’s just a tad strong. Dipdenza’s caramel cappuccino is great for an everyday coffee.

Premium Peanut Butter, Php170 (Medio)


Another bestseller is this sweet peanut butter number. This frappuccino tastes like peanut brittle, but doesn’t go overboard with the sweetness.


Mango Mint Shake, Php160 (Medio)

This drink is tasty, but both flavors of the mango mint shake are underplayed. The tangy sweetness of mango and refreshing taste of mint are lost in this sugar shake. It’s so sweet, it almost tastes like a candy frappe. If it’s too sugary for you, you can request for a waiter to modify it, though.


Lemon and Ginger Juice, Php130 (Medio)

This drink is a sip for sore throats and a cooler for a hot day. Lemon and ginger have powerful, distinct flavors, but both go harmoniously well in this refreshing drink. You can’t go wrong with a lemon-zesty and slightly “gingerly” spiced juice.


Choco Lava, Php125


Here’s for all my chocolate lovers out there. Should you try Dipdenza Coffee, don’t leave… nay, don’t sit comfortably… until you’ve ordered their choco lava. It’s a chocolate hill of moist, warm, and sweet chocolate deliciousness.



Read on for more of what Dipdenza has to offer!