Dillingers 1903 Steak and Brew – A Night to Chill and Unwind

Dillingers 1903 Steak and Brew – A Night to Chill and Unwind

When in Manila, the booming night life is one reason not to stay in even on a regular week night. If you want to simply have a drink or two with your buddies, Dillingers 1903 Steak and Brew is a spot at Greenbelt 3 that you should check out.

Dillingers Greenbelt 3

Dillingers Greenbelt 3-1

Dillingers stays true to delighting their guests’ cravings.  It has always been your ‘never fail’ venue to have fun and let loose whatever your likings may be, whether it be for a steady night chill or for casual drinking. More than just a pub and bistro, Dillingers has transcended to a restaurant capturing the diners’ appetite with good food offerings. Now, there are a lot more reasons to drop by the bar and pub slash resto.

Dining at Dillingers has become even more exciting with the introduction of revamped dishes to entice everyone’s palate. Food aficionados will surely be delighted by their variety of scrumptious additions and it will keep you coming back for more.

For a scrumptious start, Dillingers‘ Animal Fries has freshly fried fries topped with ground beef, bacon bits, jalapeño, and melted cheese. This definitely kickstarts the drinking session. It’s also a great start for a chic dinner with friends.

Dillngers Steak and Brew (19)

Dillingers’ Animal Fries (PhP 245)

Their Beef Salpicao is an appetizer that can instantly transform a rough day to an awesome one. I can personally attest that this is one of the best salpicaos that I have had. The large cubes of beef tenderloin are cooked to perfection in piquant olive oil and garlic based sauce. Biting the meat melts in your mouth with burst of flavorful classic Spanish taste.

Dillngers Steak and Brew (7)Dillingers’ Beef Salpicao (PhP 245)

Another starter is their mouth-watering Shrimp Diavola. This one is Dillingers take on the classic Gambas Al Ajillo, which are shrimps in a feisty olive oil and garlic sauce topped with spiced crunchy garlic slivers.

Dillingers Greenbelt 3-5

Dillingers’ Shrimp Diavola (PhP 345)

If you’re wild about mushrooms, then go for the Truffle Pasta. It’s truffled creamy spaghetti decked with Parmesan cheese. Truly, this appetizing dish makes up for your longing for a good pasta dish.  

Dillngers Steak and Brew (11)

Dillingers’ Truffle Pasta (PhP 295) 

Meat lovers will all rejoice with the coming of the Tomahawk in their new menu list. Relish with this 42 Oz bone-in rib eye steak, seasoned and grilled, served with red wine demi-glace sauce that’s all succulently cooked the way you want it to be. It comes with a side of truffle mac and cheese. Yum! 

Dillngers Steak and Brew (22)

Dillingers’ Tomahawk (PhP 2995) 

Then, there are still their  breakfast choices that are served ‘round the clock. However way you want your brekky flair, Dillingers serves delectable morning dishes ranging from Filipino to Italian and American.

And of course who would ever want to miss their all-time favorite and award-winning Buffalo Wings (PhP 265)? Their perfectly fried chicken wings tossed in their secret buffalo sauce served with blue cheese dip remains a staple on every table.

Dillngers Steak and Brew (4)

Dillingers’ Buffalo Wings (PhP 265)


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