Did You Know Coach Bags are Made in the Philippines?

When we think of expensive brands like LV, Coach, etc., we automatically think it’s made anywhere but here because of it expensive price.

Well guess what, TV reporter Korina Sanchez just visited the Coach factory….HERE in the Philippines!

Coach Bags Made in the Philippines


We have a beautiful country with several skillful and talented individuals. Some Filipinos unfortunately have this thinking that if it’s locally made, then it isn’t any good. Think again guys! Although not ALL Coach bags are made here, some are, and it’s time we gave notice to our skillful workers. A fellow WhenInManila.com writer also confirms Korina’s post as brother is an employer in the local Coach factory. These are all original and NOT imitations.

It may seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but definitely something to be proud of. As Korina said in her post, “World class, Pinoy made!”


Coach Bags (02)

Coach Bags (01)


What do you think of this? What other locally made products do you think have world class quality?