Did BLACKPINK’s Jennie Have A Panic Attack During The Manila Fan Meet?

Amidst all the ‘scamming’ drama of the BLACKPINK meet-and-greet was another big concern for fans of the all-girl K-Pop group. It seems that Jennie was having some sort of panic attack or negative reaction while on stage. Fans were especially worried considering there had been talk of Jennie feeling unwell recently on top of the normal exhaustion that touring effects.

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The moment that has BLINKS in an uproar was captured by a number of audience members. The videos visibly capture Jennie breathing in and out deeply as if she was hyperventilating or trying very hard to breathe. Though she kept a hand on her stomach she also kept her composure and was able to smile throughout it all.


Other videos even span long enough to catch Lisa worriedly glancing at Jennie and checking up on her. Jisoo also notices her struggle and hands her some water. Several social media users took to blaming the meet-and-greet organizers, calling them out for being unhelpful during Jennie’s possible panic attack.

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However, Jennie posted an assurance to her fans on her Instagram account right after the event. She used her Instagram story to promise that all was well through a selfie with the text: “I’m okay 🙂 Love you blinks”

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