Dia Frampton’s New Project, Archis, is Unlike Anything You’ve Heard From Her Before

After Dia Frampton visited the country twice in the past 4 years, some of us were curious about what she would be up to next.

Always one to surprise fans: She brought her sister, Meg Frampton, and Carlo Gimenez with her when she came back the second time. That one was a treat for the Filipino fans who have followed her since Meg & Dia. The cherry-on-top moment was when they played a second show at Solaire the next night. It was a moment for the fans to proudly tell the world without hesitation that “the long wait is finally over!” because their favorite band finally made it to the Philippines.

In 2014, Dia Frampton was busy crafting and perfecting her next album. The album that would follow up her first solo album post-The Voice USA, Red. This time, she had more flexibility and freedom with the songwriting as opposed to the first. Pushing things a bit further, she decided to collaborate with producer Joseph Trapanese (known for arranging and producing the music scores of Tron: Legacy with Daft Punk and Nightcrawler films).

What started as hanging out and brainstorming of musical ideas between Dia Frampton and Trapanese led to the birth of the band Archis


Fans were teased with video clips and tweets about this project since last year all over social media. Blood was the first music video released sometime in 2014, and received mixed reactions from viewers. Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts about it! 

After some conflicts and circumstances beyond their control, which caused the release date to be pushed further away and to the upcoming year that followed, the waiting finally came with an end date when they announced on their Facebook page that on February 23, 2015, the ep will finally be released.

Last week, the self-titled EP of Archis was released to the public, followed by two sets of live performance shows on the same day for those in the US.

For the rest of us who are far away, these two music videos of songs from the EP will do for the meantime.. Fingers crossed a date w/ Manila is in the future. Third time’s the charm, yes? 😉

Archis – Blood

Archis – Bittersweet


I may be biased, perhaps too biased to even say, but all the songs from the Archis EP are likeable and not one track left a bad taste in my mouth. Six tracks of pure awesomeness and I equally love each and every track. It sounds much different from the songs that we’ve grown to love in the Red album, but a very welcome change of music style from her – promise! 

If I have to be critical, there is one song that didn’t fit the overall theme of the album, or maybe it’s just me. A certain track that sounds too uppity and happy. But again, this is Dia Frampton. She has this ability to make a song sound happy, cute, upbeat, and yet when you look at the lyrics they’re far more serious than you would think. It’s rather amusing, actually. 

Do you have a favorite Archis song yet? Let me know, I’d love to hear about it. 🙂


Website: https://archismusic.com

Facebook: https://wwwfacebook.com/Archismusic

Twitter: @archis

Instagram: @archismusic


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