Dia Frampton Live in Manila 2014 – The Night When Dia, Meg and Carlo Ruled the Hard Rock Café Stage

Dia Frampton Live in Manila 2014 – The Night When Dia, Meg and Carlo Ruled the Hard Rock Café Stage


Dia Frampton Live in Manila 2014

Dia Frampton Live in Manila 2014


When in Manila, there’s bound to be some awesome concerts at night and Dia Frampton Live in Manila is one example of that. Dia Frampton made her return to the Philippine stage, and this time, she brought some backup with her. Meg Frampton and guitarist Carlo Gimenez were also in attendance during a night that saw not only the return of Dia, but also a reunion of sorts for the band ‘Meg & Dia’. After covering the last concert, it was an honor and a privilege to represent this blog for part two of it. It became a more fulfilling experience for me, however, when the site managed to get some pre-show access to the Dia Frampton Live in Manila 2014 Concert.



One of our winners from the WIM raffle contest


So there I was outside the Hard Rock Cafe hours before the event, and I spot a handful of fans already waiting for Dia and company to arrive (author’s note: That was around 2pm…for an 8pm concert. Now that’s some dedicated fans – you know who you are :D).


Perkins Twins

The Perkins Twins: Christian and Jessie


I met up with the Perkins Twins, Christian and Jessie, before their soundcheck and got a brief but enjoyable interview. They told us that they were more active in sports, especially in tennis and basketball, before their singing career began. It was only accidental when it started for them – at an interview no less.

On playing for tonight’s gig, they said they were very honored to perform here since the venue was the Hard Rock Café and that they will be working with a couple of international artists. Jessie told us that that it’s also “interesting to have Twins starting for a sibling duo for a concert and it adds something awesome to tonight’s performance.”



Dia Frampton – 1/2 of the ‘Ensaymada Bandits’ (More on this, later..)


An hour or so later…Dia Frampton, with her sister Meg and the guitarist Carlo Gimenez in tow, were inside the venue and ready to do their soundcheck. As a fan, it was a very surreal experience for me to just sit there and watch the trio do their soundcheck at the Hard Rock Cafe stage. After the sound check, we had a brief interview with Dia Frampton. Here’s some of the highlights from the interview.


On her second visit to the Philippines for the Dia Frampton in Manila 2014 Concert…


“It’s been awesome having Carlo here for the tour. It’s nice to have somebody local to show us around. He’s been our tour guide here in Manila since he can speak Tagalog and know which places are good to eat at. What’s also nice being here for the 2nd time is that it feels so familiar. I also got to meet some old and new friends, and that’s always nice”


On the Filipino food that the band tried on during this year’s visit…


“We got to try some ensaymada (more on that…later…), pinakbet, and Carlo also let me and Meg try some nice dessert from Nathaniel’s which was the Buko Pandan Salad. I’d love to try adobo soon but I haven’t tried it yet. I hope I can try it before I leave.”


On some of her favorite songs that she covered….


“I like all of the songs I’ve covered. But ‘Heartless’ and ‘Losing my religion’ really have a soft spot in my heart since there’s some history with those songs. In the future, I’d love to cover a song from a Pinoy band. We got to listen to some Eraserheads and I liked their song entitled ‘With a Smile’. I love learning different music from different countries so that’s one of the songs I’m looking forward to cover in the near future.”


On her new single ‘Fell into my arms’…


“I’m still not sure if it will be part of the new album I’ll be releasing this year, since most of the songs in the album would have a more ‘dark’ feel to it. But I’m pretty sure we’ll release it somehow. I love the song and it’ll be out soon in any way, shape or form for sure.”


Dia’s message to her Filipino fans…

“Thank you so much for listening to our songs, calling in on our radio appearances for the past two days, and especially the support. We’re so glad to know that there’s a number of Meg & Dia fans here in the country. We’ll keep in touch with you in our social media accounts and I hope you guys enjoy tonight’s show”.




The Hard Rock Cafe stage area being filled up, hours before the concert started


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