Developing the Millionaire’s Mindset Seminar by Mr. Chinkee Tan!





Are you living from pay check to pay check?

Is money for you easy to earn or hard to earn?

Are you sick and tired of living by just enough, do you want to  earn more than enough?

If you want answer to those questions I am inviting you to “Developing the Millionaire Mindset”


“Why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?” This has been a frequent question that has often been asked. But the good news is in every question there is an answer; in every problem there is a solution!




Attend the best-selling seminar “Developing a Millionaire’s Mindset” on date at venue featuring one of the most sought-after speakers and best selling author in the country Mr. Chinkee Tan.




Why are some people more successful than others?

What sets apart winners and achievers from the mediocre and the average?

How come millionaires get richer while most people live paycheck to paycheck?

Is it talent, family background, connections, or simply luck?




The real answer: Millionaires Think Differently.

Help your team to learn how to

Do you want you and your team to think big?



This seminar will teach them what attitudes and thinking them need to develop to become successful in their career.




Here are some ways you and your organization will benefit:


Know how to dream again

Widen your vision and expand your territory

Become a better entrepreneur or professional

Provide a better life for yourself and your family

Have a more motivated and productive team

Be driven to take bolder action and succeed


During this intensive, whole-day seminar, you will find out the principles, practices, and techniques that millionaires share.




What You Will Learn

Understand your money mindset

The 5 classes of people

Why the poor and middle class stay that way

The law of opposites

Time horizons of the poor, middle class, and rich

Attitudes and beliefs of the poor, middle class, and rich

Values of the poor, middle class, and rich

Learning and income resources of the poor, middle class, and rich

Financial goals of the poor, middle class, and rich

Investment resource of the poor, middle class, and rich

What millionaires think and talk about

The 97/3 principle

The empowering questions rich people ask

How do the poor, middle class, and rich respond with failures

And many more ….








• Learn proven principles on how to allow ordinary income earners to earn extraordinary income.

• Discover the secrets on how to develop a rich money mindset and how to create wealth.

• Adopt the habits and attitudes of successful people who became rich .



Sept 21, 2012 Friday

4th Level V-mall Greenhills San Juan (Victory Center)

10am to 6pm

Call Ivan 0922-859-5945






Chinkee Tan

“Mr Chink Posi+ive”

Best Selling Author/Power Mentor








Developing the Millionaire’s Mindset Seminar by Mr. Chinkee Tan!


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