Designer Blooms Cafe: Fill Your Belly While Feeling at Home




Designer Blooms Cafe: Appetizers


While Verge and I waited for Megann at Designer Blooms Cafe, we munched on some potato chips to pass the time.


Designer Blooms Cafe

Designer Blooms Cafe: Bowl of Home-Made Potato Chips, Php155


A healthy alternative to regular potato chips, this is a great appetizer to start with at Designer Blooms Cafe – provided you don’t order anything that already comes with potato chips later on during your meal, that is.


Designer Blooms Cafe

Designer Blooms Cafe: Hearty Mushroom Soup, Php189


A bit on the peppery side, but still good nonetheless.


If there are three eor more of you dining at Designer Blooms Cafe, though, I would highly recommend the following:


Designer Blooms Cafe

Designer Blooms Cafe: Bruschetta and Grilled Mushroom Salpicao or Tinapa Mousse, Php235


Since I am a big fan of mushrooms, the mushroom salpicao proved to be my favorite kind at Designer Blooms Cafe. However, if you are interested in trying something new, then the tinapa mousse would be your best bet. Either way, both dishes will come with vine-ripened tomatoes at Designer Blooms Cafe anyway, which in itself is already well worth it.


Designer Blooms Cafe

Designer Blooms Cafe: Contemporary Fish Cakes with Mango Salsa, Php320


This was by far my favorite appetizer of them all at Designer Blooms Cafe. I don’t even care if they cost a bit more than the rest of the appetizers on Designer Blooms Cafe‘s menu. I would go back to Designer Blooms Cafe for this alone. No joke! A definite must-try!!!


Designer Blooms Cafe

Designer Blooms Cafe: Cafe Latte, Php175


I’m a bit of a coffee addict and while the presentation of Designer Blooms Cafe‘s coffee was definitely pretty and Instagram-worthy, I wouldn’t go there for their coffee alone. Nope. I’m the fish cakes girl. It’s official.


Keep reading to see some of the main courses that Designer Blooms Cafe has to offer. 🙂