Designer Blooms Cafe: Fill Your Belly While Feeling at Home



Designer Blooms Cafe is the perfect place to go to When in Manila and looking for a wide variety of delicious food that is both filling and healthy at the same time. It is the perfect place to go to with the family, your friends or your significant other. Plus, it is easy to find, too.


Designer Blooms Cafe

Designer Blooms Cafe is located at the Molito Lifestyle Center by the gates of Ayala Alabang.


Designer Blooms Cafe: What is It Like?


The ambience at Designer Blooms Cafe is great, as well. You will be able to enjoy your meals in an atmosphere that is fresh, lively and colorful; thanks to the friendly and attentive staff, the beautiful decorations and the Designer Blooms flower bouquets that are for sale on the ground floor.


Designer Blooms Cafe

Smiles and prettiness abound at Designer Blooms Cafe.


Designer Blooms Cafe

 Designer Blooms Cafe: Ground Floor


At Designer Blooms Cafe, you have the option to eat at the ground floor, where you can enjoy the views of the flowers on sale and get the attention of the waiters with ease.


Designer Blooms Cafe


Designer Blooms Cafe: Second Floor


Conversely, you can also sit at the second floor of Designer Blooms Cafe like my friends and I did, where the ambience was no less pretty or colorful.


Designer Blooms Cafe


With Verge at Designer Blooms Cafe 


The only difference between the ground floor and the second floor of Designer Blooms Cafe is that you will get more privacy on the second floor – perfect for juicy gossip… definitely the thing that my friends and I were up to for our weekend brunch get-together! :p


Keep reading to find out all about the food (and food prices) at Designer Blooms Cafe! 🙂