8 Delicious Desserts That are Perfect to Share With Your Loved Ones

With the holiday season upon us, now is the best time to share the love and send out care packages to our loved ones. If you want to give them something sweet and delicious, we’ve found the perfect online stores to buy delicious desserts from that your loved ones are sure to appreciate and love you all the more for.

8 Delicious Desserts That are Perfect to Share With Your Loved Ones

Loaf by Fritzie (@loaf_by_fritzie)

Loaf by Fritzie e1637732919298

Photo by Gizelle Caoile

Love loaves? Fritzie DyQuiangco Mercado, owner of Loaf by Fritzie, used to be part of the cabin crew of Philippine Airlines and the international cabin crew of Qatar Airways. Now married and a mother of two beautiful kids, she started baking in her newfound free time to satisfy their lifelong craving for banana loaves and carrot loaves at home because of the pandemic. Her sister eventually encouraged her to share her sweet inventions with the public and she now puts her whole heart into every single loaf that she makes – and it really shines through. These loaves are delicious!

“I tend to think about flavors I can make then bake it and let my kids try it first,” Fritzie shares. “The taste and flavors may go through several evolutions until it becomes a reality.” Today, the flavors of her banana loaves, carrot loaves, and cheesecakes are all loved by many. In fact, she now bakes up to 400 loaves a week out of her oven, all of which come in different flavors like Plain, Double Choco, Choco Hazelnut, and Choco Marble Cream Cheese Banana loaves and Cream Cheese Frosting topped with walnuts and Choco covered for Carrot loaves. The Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango, and Oreo Cheesecakes taste best when they are fresh and delivered on the same day.

Loaf by Fritzie is so good that they have actually already opened their very first franchise in Cebu. “One of my dreams was for my loaves to reach other provinces of the Philippines and now it’s in Cebu and we are beyond grateful for the overwhelming support our customers give us,” Fritzie raves. Make sure to try their loaves soon and share them with your loved ones!

Cody’s Bakery (@codysbakerymnl)

Codys Bakery e1637733914202

Photo from Cody’s Bakery

Cody’s Bakery is an online bakery that has been running for more than a year now. Colleen Bautista, the owner, started it when she was looking for something to keep her sanity in check during the peak time of COVID-19 in the Philippines. That’s when she discovered her love for baking and honed her craft.

At the moment, she already has a lot of products available on the menu – cookies, bread, cakes, and French fruit tarts – but the ultimate star is her Triple Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake. When I first tasted it, I literally felt like I went to heaven. I had never tasted anything like it, and it was INSANELY GOOD. It’s no wonder why it has since been part of so many occasions from birthdays to anniversaries to graduation parties. It definitely hits the Filipino taste palate just right and I would highly recommend ordering it for your upcoming holiday celebrations.

By Benassi (@mascarponecake_bybenassi)

By Benassi 1

Photo from By Benassi

I will never get sick of raving about By Benassi’s mascarpone cake. When I’m having a bad day, I crave it. When I’m having a good day, I want to celebrate with it. No matter what the occasion, By Benassi is always a good idea. When we said this cake will change your life in this article, we meant it. Our entire When in Manila team is in LOVE with this cake. It. Is. Just. So. Good. In fact, every time I post about it on my personal Instagram stories, someone always comments to rave about how good it is. You need to try it to understand. Order one today!

The Pajama Baker (@thepajamabaker_ph)

The Pajama Baker Frozen Cakes 2 scaled e1624128786576

Photo from The Pajama Baker

Another favorite of mine is The Pajama Baker. They offer frozen cakes with Twix, Dalgona, and more (and a soon-to-be-released awesome flavor you shouldn’t miss out on!) The Pajama Baker’s cakes aren’t just delicious and addicting; I also love that I can order different flavors and just stock them in the freezer until I’m ready for my sweet fix. And trust me when I say that all of their flavors are heavenly. Yes, I have tried them all. If you have loved ones in Pampanga or even in Los Angeles that you want to surprise with something sweet and delicious, you can send them some of these delicious cakes, too, since they also have branches there. Send some long-distance love!

Moe and Bels (@moeandbelsbake)

Moe and Bels

Photo from Moe and Bels

If it’s chocolate cake or even strawberry cake you’re after, Moe and Bels is the place to order them from. Moe and Bels is a brand that signifies the third generation of cooking and baking in the owner’s family, now running a 34th-year chapter in this pandemic. “We would like to believe that everything we cook and bake is good as that is what we constantly strive to achieve,” they share. “We carry different lines from savory dishes to desserts and different kinds of bread, and now, custom-made cakes for all ages and occasions.” If you want to celebrate happy moments during the holidays, Moe and Bels can definitely cater to your needs.

When it comes to their cakes, Moe and Bels’ flavors are both traditional and innovative. They continuously improve on their products and use only the top-quality ingredients available today. “Our brand vision is to always curate the best quality of food and desserts that every home deserves,” they add. “We assure you that we bring everything fresh and with love from our kitchen into your homes.”

Critical Baker (@yourcriticalbaker)

Critical Baker e1637736822382

Photo from Critical Baker

It was hard for me to decide which Critical Baker to focus on in this listicle because honestly, I absolutely loved their Hello Darkness alcohol-laced marshmallows (available in Raspberry Vodka and Calamansi Liqueur). For the sake of assuming that not everyone loves alcohol as much as me, though, I decided to focus on their Mocha Matcha Toffee Trifecta instead. My daughter devoured this in less than 5 minutes. And since my daughter is one of the pickiest eaters I know, it’s fair to say that it’s reeeeeally good. This really isn’t surprising, though, seeing as Candace Giron actually studied Pastry Arts at Enderun: Alain Ducasse Formation, and lives to eat. “I derive joy from food and learning how to prepare food – confection, particularly. I keep my hands busy. It is the best distraction,” she shares.

Every confection made by Critical Baker goes through cycles of study and an intimate group of honest food testers until it is perfected and served. They are also all devoid of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and artificial colors, and are all handmade upon request. (If you do love alcohol, too, you really should try their Hello Darkness products.)

Scout’s Honor (@scoutshonorph)

Scouts Honor

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Perfect for the holidays, Scout’s Honor has released limited-edition cookie tarts that make for the perfect gifts (though you should also try them yourself). These delectable tarts are made with Scout’s Honor’s signature cookie crust and come in three new flavors.

While they’re all good, here are the flavors ranked according to my personal preference: Turtle Pie, a chocolate chip cookie filled with dark chocolate ganache and salted caramel, and topped with toasted pecans; Chocolate Mint, a chocolate fudge cookie stuffed with dark chocolate mint ganache; and Basque Burnt Cheesecake, a Basque burnt cheesecake in a white chocolate chip cookie tart. All of these delicious cookie tarts will only be available until January 31, 2022, so make sure to order them soon!

Merry Moo (@merrymooicecream)

Merry Moo Champorado

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

In collaboration with Poison Doughnuts, Merry Moo has released four unique flavors that will leave you wanting more: Champorado (dark tsokolate ice cream base with chunks of chocolate-coated doughnuts and bits of tuyo flakes), Cold Brew (custom-crafted cold brew steeped in their fresh local dairy for the perfect coffee ice cream), Mangga’t Suman (mango ice cream base with latik-coated doughnut bits and toasted pinipig), and Garam Masala (custom garam masala sugar steeped into their local dairy base).

My personal favorite is the Cold Brew (I’m addicted to coffee), but my daughter loved the Champorado and my friend loved the Mangga’t Suman… so it’s safe to say they literally have a flavor for everyone. Try them all!

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