The Pajama Baker Offers Frozen Cakes With Twix, Dalgona Coffee, and More

I love cake, but it’s very rare for me to really crave certain brands and types of cake. In fact, I only have a handful of go-to cake stores in mind when it comes to my cake cravings, and one of them is The Pajama Baker.

The Pajama Baker Frozen Cakes

Photo from The Pajama Baker

Juno Rosales, a hands-on mother of four, had to adjust to a new kind of life after the pandemic hit. Pre-pandemic, she would fly between two homes in Los Angeles and Manila while taking care of her business of children’s clothing. Since she could no longer fly to LA, she decided to channel her creative energy into something else. “In my pajamas, I would create little indulgences in the middle of the night to relax from all the uncertainty,” Juno shares. That’s when The Pajama Baker was born.

The Pajama Baker Frozen Cakes 2

Photo from The Pajama Baker

Inspired by the TikTok trend, Juno began experimenting with different versions of Dalgona coffee and ended up making the best frozen Dalgona cake. She started sharing this in a tupperware via their village Viber group as a way to spread happiness with her neighbors during the strict lockdown when food deliveries weren’t allowed. Their neighbors enjoyed the cake so much that it became a weekly indulgence for many families. That’s when she decided to expand her offerings and include other flavors, including caffeine-free variants for the kids.

The Pajama Baker Frozen Dalgona Coffee Cake

Photo from The Pajama Baker

So far, I am proud to say that I have tried all of The Pajama’s Bakers frozen cakes and they are ALL delectable. My daughter’s all-time favorite, however, is the sweet Twixt frozen cake (though the Speculoos one is a very close second), while my coffee-loving heart stays forever loyal to their Dalgona coffee cake.

The Pajama Baker Frozen Speculoos Cake

Photo from The Pajama Baker

The Pajama Baker has a special delivery partner who takes care of delivery all over Metro Manila. Even if they aren’t exactly near your location (story of my life!), they actually use a chiller truck, which helps preserve their frozen cakes up to our customer’s doorstep. This ensures that the cakes arrive as beautifully as they are meant to arrive. It would still be best to put the cakes in the freezer for half an hour before consuming for the best eating experience, though.

The Pajama Baker Frozen Banana Surprise Cake

Photo from The Pajama Baker

“If there was one thing I have learned in this pandemic, it is to appreciate the beauty in simple things,” Juno adds. “My flavors are combinations of simple ingredients but have an amazing mouthfeel. I always try to go back to comfort food flavors, nothing too complicated. I also only have flavors that my children would love. Each flavor goes through intense scrutiny by all 4 kids. Kids will always be honest with their opinions- no filters!”

The Pajama Baker Frozen Malted Milk Cake

Photo from The Pajama Baker

If you love cake and ice cream and are looking for frozen cakes that will not disappoint, The Pajama Baker is a great choice! Their frozen cakes are made with quality ingredients at an affordable price, and their unique flavor combinations are sure to impress even the pickiest palates. I actually find myself CRAVING for their cakes at random times, and I’m sure you will, too.

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