Not Exaggerating… This Mascarpone Cake Will Change Your Life

Before I even got to taste By Benassi’s mascarpone cake, a workmate of mine told me that it was one of the most delicious cakes she had ever had in her life… So to say that the expectations were high would be an understatement. And then the cake arrived. After leaving it in the freezer for a while, my family and I decided to give it a go. And MY GOODNESS. We don’t even have any words.

By Benassi Mascarpone Cake 1

Photo from By Benassi

I need to start by stating that this cake isn’t exactly small, okay. We received a HUGE mascarpone cake, but between the four of us, it was gone in less than a day. Even my daughter, who normally only eats cake if it’s made of chocolate, enjoyed it tremendously. And my parents? They vowed to order one for every important celebration at home. As for me? I don’t think I’ll be waiting for a big celebration to taste this heaven-sent cake again. It is THAT good. And I don’t normally rave about cakes this much because I’ve enjoyed many, many cakes in my lifetime. But this one? IT IS SO GOOD. SO SO SO SO SO GOOD. Like the title says, it is change-your-life good.

By Benassi Mascarpone Cake 2

Photo from By Benassi

Katia Benassi-de Guzman was born and raised in Massa, Tuscany, Italy. Her dad is Italian and her mom is Filipina. Growing up, they would always eat mascarpone cake during special occasions, a family recipe taught by her Italian grandmother.

When they moved to Manila in 2002, they opened an Italian restaurant called Benassi Ristorante Italiano in Ortigas Center, where they used to serve their mascarpone cake. Their customers loved the cake so much that when they closed in 2017, many of them tried to convince Katia to sell it again.

By Benassi Mascarpone Cake 3

Photo from By Benassi

They finally gave in and started selling it again in July 2019. And THANK GOODNESS THEY DID. Seriously. Midway through my cake binging session, I started to wonder why I hadn’t heard of or tasted this cake before; but if I’m being honest… Being a South girl, I never really ventured outside of my Southern bubble to find dessert. Thanks to the quarantine, however, this has finally changed.

By Benassi Mascarpone Cake 4

Photo from By Benassi

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“I want my customers to experience a traditional Italian dessert,” Katia shares. “I believe that we are unique because this is a typical homemade cake that many Italian families make in my small hometown of Massa. Authentic, simple, and comforting Italian home cooking. I want to give a taste of real Italian home.” Thank you, By Benassi, for sharing this delectable cake with us. I honestly cannot thank you enough.

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