Del Mundo Body Jewelry: Custom Made Belly Rings

It has been years since I got myself a belly piercing. You could say that the insatiable urge to put pretty things on my body pushed me to have it done.


(Photo by Camille Rodriguez)

When In Manila, though, it has become such a chore to look for quality belly rings. It’s been 6 years since I got this piercing and I still haven’t found the prefect one. To my dissatisfaction, I keep on coming across rings with designs I’m not particularly fond of.

In my quest to find the perfect belly ring, I came across Victoria Panopio’s work. Part of the sister tandem behind the exquisite jewelry brand “Panopio”, Vicky has decided to venture into the world of body jewelry.

Vicky found herself in the same predicament that many pierced girls, such as myself, were in. When her search for the perfect belly ring left her with no results, she and her sister Bea decided they’d solve this problem for once and for all. Thus, Del Mundo Body Jewelry was born.


These all natural, custom made belly rings are all produced and designed by Vicky. Each is created with careful thought and input into how a girl would want her body jewelry to look. Beautiful, quality stones adorn the pieces, some of which are made of 100% gold.



The best part about them is that Vicky gives every single piece a lifetime warranty. Silver and Gold oxidize over time, and when this happens, you can always take them back to her for a cleaning.




Don’t be daunted by the exquisite materials used, various payment options are available to those who wish to own these rocks.

If you want something really unique, Vicky can help you create a belly ring from your own design suggestions. From a plain sterling silver ring, to a gold ring adorned with your own birth stone, you name it, she can make it.


Del Mundo Body Jewelry can be found at P&P Tattoo outlets.

I finally found the perfect belly ring in the form of this sterling silver ring with a natural white topaz from Del Mundo Body Jewelry– simple, pretty, and elegant!


(Photo by Camille Rodriguez)

Yay! This piercing is now a happy piercing.

Vicky, an already successful jewelry designer, has brought it upon herself to solve the belly ring dilemma– and has succeeded. She also wishes to uplift the image of the tattoo and piercing industry with her work. Hopefully, success in this aspect soon follows suit.


When In Manila, the best type of body jewelry is one of quality and class. Del Mundo Body Jewelry gives us just that with their beautiful pieces.

Del Mundo Body Jewelry



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