Dear Millennials, Why Won’t You Give Wine a Chance?

On a usual date night with my partner or with friends, my go-to drink has always been a bottle of (craft) beer. My tastes buds are more acquainted with the different malty notes of the bottleserved to me in cold zero! Maybe because beer is more accessible and more affordable than other alcoholic beverages. And a big chunk of our work force (and alcohol consumers) are millennials, after all.

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With that said, wine may still be associated with (old) age, as the beverage tastes better when fermented longer. BUT! Hold your horses! Wine and food pairings are not only for the certified titas and lolas of Manila. At least not anymore.

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Once in a while, at a restaurant, I would order a glass of wine with my main course. Or at home, to perfectly pair with my sister’s rosemary chicken. Yes, I may be a “wine snob.” What is a wine snob? As part of the the group of millennials ditching cocktails for wine, I greatly appreciate quality with affordability and accessibility. What do I mean? This pertains to wine that I could pair with my lunch or dinner, and have a stock of it when I have my friends over! Just like how I do with my beermay it be a bottle of local beer or a good Belgian beer.


Not yet fond of having wine? Here’s a short list of why you should get on the wine bandwagon:

3. Wine is like craft beer

The flavor is there but with a different level of sophistication. Ever wonder why your boss opts to have that glass of wine during socials in the office? As we, millennials, become more established in our careers, the willingness to try something “better” and wiser also growsjust like the true nature of wine.

2. It’s reunion-friendly!

Filipinos like having reunions and parties. We always find a reason to gather and celebrate. Sometimes, especially during potlucks, it is hard to think of what to bring. Instead of  bringing another dish, why not bring a bottle of wine that tastes amazing but will not cause a dent in your bank? You’ll be the hero of the party, for sure!


3. Wellness is key

It is common knowledge that wine is good for the heart. But did you know that it also wards off the common cold? Just like exercise, wine helps you slim down and boost your endorphins!

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Just like any other newbie at wine, the usual question is, what should I buy? Or how different is this wine from the other? Well, the best way to learn the answers to all these is to try different kinds of wines yourself. There is now an online shop called Winery Philippines that offer the best wines in the Philippines at great prices. The aim of Winery Philippines is to create and cultivate the passion of the wine-lover community. Through their website, you will learn and find wines that you’ll possibly fall in love with. And aside from offering wine that you won’t see in your neighborhood shop, Winery Philippines is also an avenue to talk to other people in the community.

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