David Pomeranz concert at The Filinvest Tent

We Filipinos are huge fans of love songs. Whether you”re that high school girl trying to contain that feelings for that cute classmate you”re crushing on or a young man trying to come to terms for a break up and wanting your beloved to come back to you, it seems like these ballads hit a chord in our hearts.

When in Manila and you ask a Filipino who is the King of Hearts for us, without even thinking we would answer David Pomeranz.


His music composition have been a staple in most of our music libraries for decades. Now, you can listen to and fall in love with his music again live at The Filinvest Tent in  Alabang, Muntinlupa City holds the “David Pomeranz Live!” concert on March 9, 8:30 pm with special guest performer, former Star in a Million runner-up Sheryn Regis. 



(From left to right. Catherine Ilagan, EVP  Filinvest Alabang. David Pomeranz, singer. Joy Polloso, SVP Retail Operations. Rose A. Nuqui, VP Marketing and Exhibits. ) 


At the Press Conference,  David surprised us with a lot of things we still didn’t know about. Like how he was  into rock music, how he revealed to us that he was actually not the one who wrote the 2 famous songs “Got to Believe” and “King and Queen of Hearts”.  Those 2 songs were in fact written by Stephen Geyer and composed by Charlie Fox.  And lastly, how he’s a big fan of Zsa Zsa Padilla.



David is a prolific multi-awarded singer and songwriter whose hits include “Bring Back the Old Songs”, “King and Queen of Hearts”, “Got To Believe in Magic” and “Born for You”. His career spans four decades starting from when Decca Records signed him into a multi-album contract when he was nineteen. His work has been performed by artists such as Barry Manilow, Freddie Mercury of Queen, Richard Sambora of Bon Jovi, Bette Midler, Donna Summer, and Cliff Richard. His songs have also been featured in several films, musicals, and television shows. He has received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music and Lyrics for the television movie “Homeward Bound”.


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