Davao Resident Shares Good Experience With Duterte

Davao Resident Shares Good Experience With Duterte

The Philippine elections are heating up, which you can tell by the number of opinions going around online. It’s hard to tell how the presidentiables are faring with the electorate because for every positive post is a negative one trailing behind. But no other candidate has split the masses more than Davao mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Those who are voting for Duterte praise him for his honesty and his no-nonsense approach to leading, while those against him criticize his iron fist and womanizing ways. But one Davao resident decided to speak up and make people realize why Duterte has her vote. Alice Cadao, a production officer of a TV network’s foundation, was surprised when Duterte called and offered to shoulder the medication of a sick child.

According to Cadao:

I was born in the year 1978 in Davao City and lived just meters away from his home in Bangkal. As a kid, I would hear stories about his generosity but it was not until I was already around 28 years old that I had personally witnessed how genuine this man really is.

I had the privilege to work as a Production Officer for ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. and a correspondent for Bantay Bata 163 Davao. My partner, Simeon Jr Celi, and I would produce materials that usually featured an ailing child who either needed an immediate operation or an expensive medical treatment.

Through local TV Patrol Davao in the afternoon, the said feature stories were aired for broadcast. The material would run a maximum of 2 minutes pero P@#$&@% I#&! before the airing ended, our office received a call. “Si Mayor na daw mag-shoulder sa expense sa medication sa bata.” (“Mayor will shoulder the medication of the child.”)

No broadcast coverage, no picture-taking, just genuine help for the needy. Mind you, I cannot anymore count how many he had helped and it was never a requirement if the parents were voters or from Davao City.

He didn’t mind where they came from even if from Tagum, Mati, Gensan or Cotabato, what’s more important to him was he was able to help.

My respect and my vote goes to my Mayor, to Mayor Digong!

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