Dapitan55: An All-In-One-Place for Yummy Food, Relaxing Spa Treatments, and a Carwash!

With the fast-paced world we now live in, it’s hard to keep up with our ever-evolving lifestyles. There’s work or school everyday, and squeezing in me-time is a luxury to most. Good thing there are the malls, where all that you need is in one place. But it tends to get crowded too often! What we need is a place where we can just relax and not think about all the people you’re gonna bump into especially in this holiday rush.

A good news to people in the north: there’s a place where you can pamper yourself minus the hassle. If you happen to frequent the Banawe lane, where a troop of foodie and carwash stops abound, you may want to check out our recent discovery. Nearby is the newest lifestyle complex offering services in one full stop, Dapitan55!


Dapitan55 just opened its doors last August, and it’s starting to take the attention of patrons and QC explorers. How can you not, when fun is within a few footsteps away from each other? Certainly, you’ll have a grand time as much as we had!

Thanks to the sudden downpour on the Saturday we headed to Dapitan55, we were confronted by heavy traffic. So when we arrived, our weary bodies were so looking forward to a relaxing time at our first stop in the lifestyle complex, the Baan Khun Thai!


We were treated to a wellness party with their signature massages that quickly invigorated our senses in just an hour’s time.


Here’s the stone path leading to the massage rooms, where a refreshing minty scent surrounds us. Makes you feel at ease upon your first steps to this heavensent escape!


Here’s the room where the foot massages are done.


They give a quick, refreshing foot rinse before starting.

Each of us tried different treatments: the Swedish Body Massage, the Thai Body Massage Massage and the Aromatherapy Massage. Their trained therapists are super friendly and accommodating, which is a big help especially when you have certain requests for which they are more than willing to help you with. With the sound of the nature lulling us to our relaxed state and our bodies being slathered with oils to calm us down, in no time we were feeling absolutely relaxed.


Once we were done, they served hot tea with honey (really good!) and warm water that amped up the experience. As we’re starting to keep our minds in a chill vibe, we felt like we need a good bite after our massages.

Which, thankfully, is just across the spa. We had our fill of great-tasting meals in Garage Cafe!

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